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Minutes: November 12, 2008

    3 p.m., Wednesday, November 12, 2008
    School of Medicine Administration, Board Room 103

PRESENT: Drs. Armstrong, Barker, Chou, Chuck, Cooke, Cromwell, Efron, Fine, Halushka, Herman, Ishii, Maragakis, McCarthy, McGrath-Morrow, Molinaro, Nussbaum, Pidcock, Reading, Sargent, Stivers, Tompkins, Wong, Yaster, Zhen,  Mss. Fairman, Nguyen, Oliver, and  Foy.
ABSENT: Drs. Allaf, Bennett, Bergles, Brayton, DeLeon, Flynn, Goldstein, Green, Huang, Leahy, Magaziner, Mooney, Pomerantz, Resar, Robinson, Schramm, Tufaro, Yehia, Messrs. Chen and Feng,

GUESTS:   Drs. Clements, Jackson, Regan, Mss. Heiser and Pennington

I.  Minutes

The minutes of the October 15, 2008 meeting were approved.

II. Nomination and Vote for MSC Member-at-Large – Dr. Armstrong

    The election for  member-at-large was held over from the October meeting.  Dr. Armstrong called for nominations.  Dr. Linda Regan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine was nominated.  As there were no additional nominees, election of Dr. Regan was by acclamation.

III. School of Medicine Policies on Parental Leave, Vacation, and Sick Leave – Dr. Janice Clements, Vice Dean for Faculty

    Dr. Clements reported formal school-wide polices for sick leave, parental leave, and vacation have not be instituted for faculty due to IRS funding requirements for supporting such formal policies.   Rather, the School of Medicine has operated under a system of departmental guidelines that addressed these issues.  The current process has led to discrepancies in how faculty are being treated within and among departments.

    Dr. Clements reminded the Council of the Parental Leave Guidelines that were recommended by  the Medical School Council and endorsed by the Advisory Board some four years ago.  At that time there was a general buy-in from department directors that they would follow the guidelines.  Several MSC members questioned whether all current directors are aware of and are following the parental leave guidelines.

    It was noted that sick leave and vacation guidelines tend to be department specific resulting in inconsistencies among departments.

    After discussion, the Medical School Council recommended a task force be appointed to review current departmental practices and to recommend guidelines.  Dr. Sarah Reading agreed to lead the effort.

    It was reported the deadline for electing benefits for 2009 was extended to November 11th because of server issues.

IV. School of Medicine Faculty Portal Project – Ms. Nicole Pennington, Office of Policy Coordination

     Ms. Pennington presented an overview of the faculty portal website that has been under construction for several months and which will go live in early December.  The overall goal of the portal is to aggregate and deliver content and tools targeted at School of Medicine faculty.  The initial phase of the project will contain general information and links to sites for specific policies.  Planning for Phase I encompassed a Dean’s Office working group, interviews with faculty on how to better deliver information, and input from faculty attending the New Faculty Orientation program.

    There will be enhancements as suggested by faculty feedback.  It was noted Phase I will not include department-specific information, but the site can be customized by faculty to include specific links to other sites.

    There was discussion whether log-in to the portal would open access to other Johns Hopkins systems such as EPR.  Access to systems using JHED authorization can be opened through the portal.  This is not the case for EPR as this system is not accessed through JHED authorization.

    Ms. Pennington asked members to start using the portal when launched in early December and to provide feedback on features that would enhance the product.

    Dr. Yaster noted the Medical School Council website is in need of updating.

V. Other Business
    There being no further business this meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

                            Respectfully submitted,

                            Mary E. Foy

Future Medical School Council meetings:

All meetings will be held in the School of Medicine Board Room (SOM 103), 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

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