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Mintues: June 20, 2012


                                             411th  MEETING OF THE MEDICAL SCHOOL COUNCIL

                                                                   3 p.m., Wednesday, June 20, 2012

                                                 School of Medicine Administration, Board Room 103


PRESENT: Drs. Ahn, Barone, Bienvenu, Chanmugam, Crino, Dlhosh, Gonzalez-Fernandez, Gottesman, James Herman, Ishii, Matunis, Molinaro, Poynton, Puttgen, Shuler, Solomon, Taverna, Tufaro, Zachara, and Ms. Foy

 ABSENT: Drs. Ahuja, Akpek, Barker, Carroll, Claypool, Comfort, Fine (excused), J. Green, R. Green, Joseph Herman, Keefer, Kondo, Nyhan, Pavlovich, Resar, Tan, Tis, Wade, Williams, Wolfgang, Messrs. Johnson, Mandell, Rini and Ms. Matthys

 GUESTS: Drs. Flynn and Sisson, Messrs. Morgan and Robinson


I.  Minutes

 The minutes of the May 9, 2012 meeting were approved.


II. MSC Charter Revisions- Dr. Ishii &Dr. Crino

                Dr. Ishii announced changes approved to date have been submitted to the Advisory Board.  A summary of proposed amendments to the MSC Charter was distributed.

                Dr. Crino thanked sub-committee members for their work and reviewed changes made to date.  He called attention to two issues that will require discussion and vote at today’s meeting: first, representation of the part-time faculty and second, term limits of officers.  Two options were presented for part-time faculty representation.  The first was to include full-time faculty at any rank in each department and part-time faculty as a whole at any rank as separate electorates.  The second option was to continue the current structure with part-time professor, associate professor, and assistant professor as part of the full-time electorate for that department and to group all part-time instructors, irrespective of department affiliation, into a separate electorate.  Dr. Maura McGuire, Assistant Dean for Part-Time Faculty has been consulted and believes the interests of the part-time faculty are well represented by the Part-Time Faculty Committee she chairs.  Dr. Molinero, the part-time faculty representative to the Council recommended there be no change to the structure for the part-time faculty electorate.  The Council voted to support that recommendation.

                The next topic discussed was term limits of officers.  The Sub-Committee recommended terms of one year for the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary with each officer being eligible for re-election to that office for the year immediately succeeding with a term limit of three consecutive years for each officer.  The Council approved the recommendation.

                Dr. Crino also noted the duties of the officers were clarified in the revised charter and that all elected members have voting privileges.  The Council endorsed all of the amendments outlined on the summary document.


III. Faculty Satisfaction Survey

                Dr. Ishii reported Dean Rothman would like to send the Faculty Salary Study out in early Fall.  There is discussion as to whether this survey should reside in the Medical School Council or continue under the Joint Oversight Committee.


IV.  Update on Note Signing- Dr. Stephen Sisson 

                Medicare requires that service provided/ordered be authenticated by the author.  Dr. Sisson reported that there is a huge number of unsigned notes.  In 2010 there were 90,000 unsigned notes with 64,000 greater than 30 days.  Department directors are encouraging faculty to sign notes in a timely fashion.  A “Sign the Note” campaign is underway and efforts are being made to contact physicians who are leaving to be sure all notes are signed before departure.

                Dr. Sisson reported the new EPIC system will hold a bill if the note is not signed.

                There was discussion regarding the timeline for completion and the need for mid-level providers to be educated.

                Dr. Sisson asked members to discuss this issue with their faculty.  Dr. Ishii thanked Dr. Sisson for bringing this issue to the Council.

 V.  Update on EPIC- Dr. John Flynn

                Dr. Flynn updated the Council on the EPIC implementation timeline.

                Phase one begins with ambulatory sites starting with JHCP sites, followed by Bayview, White Marsh, then JHH (except Pediatrics/Rubenstein), then Pediatrics/Rubenstein by August 2014.  Sibley Hospital and Howard County General inpatient units will also be part of phase one. 

                Phase two go-live date is April 2015 with JHH, Bayview, and Suburban hospitals implementing the inpatient component.

                There was discussion regarding training and the impact on clinical productivity. It is recognized there will be an impact on accounts receivable during the training periods.  There could also be a generation gap with learning.

                Dr. Ishii thanked Dr. Flynn for the update.

 VI.  Update on EPIC Clinical Research Initiative – Mr. Rob Richardson, Lead Application Coordinator

               Mr. Richardson provided an update on plans to build an interface from the Clinical Research Management System to EPIC.  The interface would import active studies and records of patients involved in the studies into the EPIC system.

                Research specific dashboards will be created to provide Clinical Research Coordinators with reports on studies in the system and patients belonging to the study.  Treating physicians will be able to determine which studies the patient participates in.  The system will associate an order with a research study which will improve charge routing.  Other functions discussed included release of research data and research data registries.

                There were questions about the connectiveness of this system to other institutions to support multi-center studies.  Mr. Richardson reported there are plans to connect a data warehouse with other institutions.

                Dr. Ishii thanked Dr. Robinson for his presentation and noted the Council looks forward to ongoing updates as the planning evolves.

 VII. Other Business - Announcements 


               Dr. Fivish announced she’s accepting applications for the 2012-2013 Women’s Leadership Program.

 Dr. Ishii reported Johns Hopkins was awarded a $20 million grants from CMS to develop an Integrated Health Program to help Hopkins prepare to be an Accountable Care Organization.  She also reminded the Council of the July 1, 2012 deadline for submitting proposals to the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety.

 Due to time constraints discussion of Campus Disaster Planning was postponed.


There being no further business this meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.


                                                                                                         Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                         Mary E. Foy