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Minutes: June 18, 2008


3 p.m., Wednesday, June 18, 2008
School of Medicine Administration, Board Room 103

PRESENT: Drs. Armstrong, Bergles, Brayton, Cooke, Dagnelie, Fine, Flynn, Goldstein, Honeycutt, Ishii, Huang, McCarthy, Mears, Mooney, Nussbaum, Pidcock, Pomerantz, Sargent, Stivers, Mss. Fairman and  Foy.

ABSENT: Drs. Allaf, Argani, Bhatti, Bluemke, Chan, Choi, Cormack, Cromwell, DeLeon, Efron, Geller, Halushka, Jia, Kravet, Leahy, Li, MacDonald, Magaziner, Maragakis, Peters, Robinson, Schramm, Siberry, Tompkins, Tufaro, Whitmore, Woolf, Yaster, Yehia, Zellars,  Messrs. Pirruccello and Skelley, Mss. Oliver, Nguyen, and Warner.

GUESTS:   Drs. Johnson and Yang, Mss. Heiser and Esquela,

I.  Minutes

The minutes of the May 14, 2008 meeting were approved with a modification to the meeting number which should have read 371.

II. Provost’s report – Dr. Kristina Johnson

               Dr. Kristina Johnson, Provost, was invited to address the Medical School Council.  Dr. Johnson views her role as an advocate for faculty who will be “at the table” when issues are brought forward for decision that affect faculty.

                Dr. Honeycutt reviewed issues surrounding changes in benefits made earlier in the academic year that negatively impacted faculty and suggested there should be some representation of faculty in the decision making process.  Dr. Johnson recognized the communication issues and stated she will work hard to get the voice of the faculty in decisions.  She recognized the need to get information back to faculty once decisions have been reached. 

                Dr. Johnson reported on three working groups, People, Discovery, and Ways and Means, that she has appointed with over 100 university-wide faculty participating.  These groups will be advisory and report recommendations to the Provost.

                In responding to faculty concerns over the funding environment, Dr. Johnson reported President Brody has taken a leadership role in addressing the problem.  University leadership has been working with the AAU in lobbying congress to appropriate more dollars to research, and there are efforts to educate members of congress on the needs of the academic community.  Dr. Johnson would like to see academics drive the next fundraising campaign.  A strategic plan should be developed to match the needs of faculty/programs with interests of donors.

                Faculty retention was identified as an issue.  Dr. Johnson reported the University is addressing faculty salary levels.  Several other areas of concern were raised including the need for more care extenders for clinical faculty, a cumbersome grant submission process, the need for editorial support for publications and resources for the Vision 2020 project.  Dr. Johnson reported on the Mosaic Initiative indicating $6.5 million is available with $1.5 million coming from Medicine.  Donor support is being sought to sustain the initiative.

                Dr. Honeycutt thanked Dr. Johnson for her presentation.        

III. The Electronic Educator’s Portfolio – Dr. Stephen Yang and Ms. Maria Esquela, Advanced Informatics/EValue representative

                Ms. Lisa Heiser, Assistant Dean for Faculty Development and Equity reported the Dean’s Office looked at various electronic portfolio products before deciding on the product developed by Advanced Informatics.  The content of the Silver Book has been embedded into the product in a beta test version.

                The electronic portfolio houses a collection of materials that document the quantity and quality of a faculty member’s educational activities.  Exported portfolio data conveys evidence of creative educational scholarship that can be used by promotion committees and sent to referees in the promotion process.

                Dr. Stephen Yang, Associate Professor of Surgery, shared his experience in using the product.  He reviewed the history of the educator’s portfolio which has been available for 20 years and has recently been one of the most common forms of faculty evaluation for clinician educators in U.S./Canadian medical schools.  In 2006, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Silver Book recommended clinician educators maintain an “educator’s portfolio.”

                In reviewing his experience, Dr. Yang outlined the benefits of using the portfolio as it supplements the typical curriculum vitae by documenting numerous teaching activities too insignificant to list on the traditional CV.  It allows through documentation over an extended period of time the full range and maturation of one’s abilities as a teacher.

                Dr. Yang commented on each of the typical components of a portfolio which start with a teaching philosophy statement, followed by one’s professional development activities, teaching activities, curriculum development and instructional design accomplishments, educational administration and leadership activities, regional and national scholarship, honors and awards received, examples of accomplishments of mentees, and a self-assessment and long term goals statement.

                In summary, Dr. Yang emphasized the importance of the faculty member’s role in planning for career advancement and the effectiveness of using the electronic portfolio in documenting scholarship and teaching accomplishments.

                Ms. Esquela reviewed the steps in custom building a portfolio using the Advanced Informatics EValue product.

                Dr. Honeycutt thanked Dr. Yang and Ms. Esquela for their presentation.

IV. Other Business

There being no further business this meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                                Mary E. Foy


Future Medical School Council meetings:

All meetings will be held in the School of Medicine Board Room (SOM 103), 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

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