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Minutes: January 21, 2009

    3 p.m., Wednesday, January 21, 2009
    School of Medicine Administration, Board Room 103

PRESENT: Drs. Armstrong, Barker, Brayton, Chou, Chuck, Cooke, Cromwell, Fine, Goldstein, Halushka, Herman, Ishii, McCarthy, McGrath-Morrow, Mooney, Pidcock, Reading, Regan, Resar, Sargent, Schramm, Stivers, Mss. Nguyen, Oliver, and  Foy.
ABSENT: Drs. Allaf, Bennett, Bergles, DeLeon, Efron, Flynn, Green, Huang, Leahy, Magaziner, Maragakis, Molinaro, Nussbaum, Pomerantz, Robinson, Tompkins, Tufaro, Wong, Yaster, Yehia, Zhen,  Messrs. Chen and Feng, Ms. Fairman

GUESTS:  Mss. Coe, Cusick

I.  Minutes

The minutes of the December 10, 2008 meeting were approved.  The attendance list was modified to show Dr. John Resar as present.

II. Chair’s Report – Dr. Armstrong

    The May 20th meeting with Dean Miller has been rescheduled to May 6th due to the Dean’s travel schedule.

III. Johns Hopkins Medicine Access Services- Lavonne Coe, Access Services Manager

    Ms. Coe presented an overview of the Johns Hopkins Access Services which provides insurance clearance services for outpatient clinics. Departments that do not have in-house expertise may contract for services.  Some 73 units across the institution participate in the service which is optional except for clinical trials.

    The Access Service is a special group of insurance specialists that verifies insurance benefits for outpatient services prior to the patient visit.  The service informs the patient of their financial responsibilities in advance and secures the necessary referral and authorization requirements.  Information obtained is entered into the various registration systems utilized by the clinics.  Departments interested in using the service were requested to contact Ms. Coe at for additional information. 

    Dr. Armstrong thanked Ms. Coe for her presentation.

IV. Department Policies for Leave- Sarah Reading

    Dr. Reading reported on initial efforts to secure information on leave policies from departmental leadership.  There was significant variation in leave policy/guidelines reportedly used by departments.  From data collected so far it appears that there is misinformation at the administrative level as to what, if any policies/guidelines govern faculty leave.  It was noted there are clear differences in faculty responsibilities among departments and this has led to some departments establishing department specific leave policies.

    Dr. Reading asked what the next step in this process should be.

    It was agreed that Medical School Council members would solicit leave policies from schools where they trained to get a sampling of other institution policies.  Dr. Janice Clements will be invited to a future meeting to discuss this issue.

V. Conflict of Commitment – Cory Brayton
    Dr. Brayton, the MSC representative to the School of Medicine Conflict of Commitment Committee, reported on the draft policy and asked Medical School Council members for feedback.  A copy of the “working materials” policy is attached to the minutes.
    Dr. Brayton noted the name of the policy has been changed from Conflict of Commitment to Professional Commitment.  The policy covers all full time and salaried part time faculty and addresses all reportable activities and services and the timelines for reporting on covered activities.

    It was noted that department directors in consultation with the Office of Policy Coordination are responsible for determining whether a particular activity is an acceptable professional commitment.

    Prohibited activities are outlined in the document.  The time limit for outside professional activities is addressed as well as sanctions for non-compliance and reporting procedures.

    There was discussion on the current eOPC reporting system and faculty compliance.

    Dr. Brayton encouraged members to review the working document and submit comments to her.

VI. JHH Green Team- Colleen Cusick

    Ms. Cusick presented an overview of the goals and objectives of the “Green Team” which through establishment of new policies and practices will create an environmentally friendly environment.  The goals of the effort are to reduce environmental waste, educate the community about sustainability, purchase and use environmentally preferred products, recycle usable items, properly dispose of toxic materials, establish campus-wide recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum, lessen use of energy and water resources, and organize alternative modes of transportation.  Some 54 initiatives are currently in place.

    Ms. Cusick indentified some successes to date including separation and disposal of regulated medical waste which has reduced “red bag” trash by almost one million pounds in the past year.  Recycling in the School of Medicine increased from 19 to 109 tons from 2006 to 2007 through combined efforts.  Other cost saving environmentally friendly efforts include elimination of custom admissions kits for inpatients, a sharps management program, use of recycled copier paper, and use of low VOC products in construction.

    Ms. Cusick also discussed the Integrated Pest Management System that Johns Hopkins Hospital participates in that limits the use of pesticides.

    Dr. Armstrong thanked Ms. Cusick for her presentation.

VII. Other Business   

There being no further business this meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

                            Respectfully submitted,

                            Mary E. Foy

Future Medical School Council meetings:
All meetings will be held in the School of Medicine Board Room (SOM 103), 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
February 18, 2009
March 18, 2009
April 15, 2009
May 6, 2009
June 17, 2009