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Department of Pediatrics Part-time Faculty Opportunities for Teaching Medical Students

Introduction to Clinical Medicine
Clinical Skills: Pediatric Experience
Pediatric Basic Clerkship: Outpatient Site for Rotating Students

Pediatric Basic Clerkship: Outpatient Site for Rotating Students

Course Director:  Michael A. Barone, MD

Year of Medical School:  Third and Fourth

Timing of Course:  4 ½ week blocks throughout the 45 week academic calendar.   Physician preceptors must commit to at least one contiguous 4 week block per year and may elect to always have a different student (rotating every 4 weeks) in their office throughout the year. 

Content of Course:  Clinical clerkship during which students learn initial evaluation and management of common outpatient medical problems in children, the focused history and physical examination, preventive medicine, and chronic illness.  The students 4 ½ experience is combined with a 4 ½ week inpatient experience.  Together, these comprise the basic clerkship. 

Level of Commitment:  Students are expected to have 5 half-day sessions per week.  Formal lectures/discussions occur at the medical school, and students are expected to do independent study to address knowledge gaps.  Patient experience should include private time with 4-6 patients per day, depending on student and preceptor; this generally requires a separate examination room for the student. Preceptors are expected to supervise student’s clinical performance, and complete a written evaluation (via electronic form) at the end of the rotation.

Location:  Preceptor’s office

Preceptors:  General pediatric practice, group or solo.   

Faculty Development:  Written materials, access to all Course Materials