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Longitudinal Clerkship

Welcome to the Longitudinal Clerkship! In order to facilitate integration of the basic and clinical sciences during the first and second year of medical school, the Longitudinal Clerkship (LC) runs concurrently with Genes to Society (GTS). The LC places students in “home clinic” for a 12-month period beginning in January of Year 1 and extending through December of Year 2. For one four-hour session each week, students will travel to their assigned clinic and will practice their clinical skills in supervised settings under the direct guidance of supervising physicians. The LC will also allow students to experience first hand many of the professional, behavioral and organizational issues that impact the practice of medicine. This will provide students with a case-based context for issues covered in Professionalism and Horizontal Strands in the GTS curriculum. Finally, students will have the opportunity to develop a close relationship with a practicing physician, and are encouraged to develop an ongoing, longitudinal relationship with a group of patients they see periodically during the clerkship.

We have a diverse group of faculty, from both full-time and part-time faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and welcome inquiries from new potential faculty. While the learning objectives of the LC are best supported by primary care specialties, such as Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics/Gynecology, we welcome surgical, medical and pediatric specialists. If you love to teach and want to help develop the next generation of physicians, please contact us!