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Our Rehabilitation Therapists

Facial motor rehabilitation may be an option for people who have experienced facial nerve damage and have existing residual function of the facial muscles that may be improved.  Children with facial motor weakness and existing function may be candidates for therapy once developing adequate level of attention and concentration necessary to complete the exercises.

Therapy Goals
The goals of facial motor rehabilitation are to:

  • maximize facial motor symmetry at rest and with movement
  • maximize function
  • improve the ability to blink
  • restore a natural smile

Therapy Basics
The evaluation and treatment sessions are one hour in duration.  Treatment frequency is initially one time per week until independence with a home exercise program has been achieved.  At this time, frequency decreases to one time per month until the goals set at the evaluation have been met.

Treatment in the clinic includes instruction of neuromuscular rehabilitation exercises using a mirror and biofeedback unit.  The biofeedback unit is used as a training tool for the comprehensive home exercises program as well as a measuring tool for progress. 

A home biofeedback unit can be provided pending insurance coverage or willingness to pay out of pocket.

Expected Results
The best results with facial motor rehabilitation are over the course of many months to years.  A positive, willing attitude is required to achieve the best outcome.  For the facial motor rehabilitation program to be effective, a commitment to perform the home exercises on a daily basis is essential.

Should you wish to speak to a therapist about facial motor rehabilitation, please contact  (410) 955-0015 and ask to speak with one of our facial motor specialists.