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Senior Faculty Retirement Resources

Process of Retirement

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Many faculty have spent a significant portion of their careers engaged in clinical, research and teaching activities and should work closely with administrative and HR staff on important transitional items such as closing accounts and awards, decommissioning labs and identifying postretirement scholarly activities.

Although each faculty member’s retirement situation is unique, all faculty are advised to begin the retirement process early and work closely with his or her departmental administrative team to ensure a successful retirement transition. The Pathway to Retirement workflow below identifies key steps necessary for faculty when they embark on retirement.


Retirement Pathway

  • Four years – one year prior to retirement - Discuss retirement pathway with department director (prior to retirement).
    • If eligible, discuss options for phased or early retirement pathways with your department administrator.
    • If eligible and you elect to participate, review and complete phased or early retirement agreements.
    • Discuss options and strategies for reduced clinical/teaching/research activities.
    • Discuss wind down of any current funded research.
    • Discuss postretirement activities, particularly those that may require clinical credentialing/malpractice.
  • One year prior to retirement - Notify department director, department administration, HR and credentialing of retirement plan.
  • Three months prior to retirement - Faculty retiree orientation to The Academy at Johns Hopkins Medicine.
    • If interested in participating in The Academy at Johns Hopkins Medicine, email

Items to Consider when Retiring

Helpful checklists for both faculty and department administrators including key items to address during the retirement process:

  1. Office Space
    Current office space will need to be free of personal belongings and files if leaving the physical space. If you plan to enroll in The Academy at Johns Hopkins Medicine, you will have access to the business center and hoteling office space. Submit your membership application to
  2. Facilities and Cleaning Services
    Housekeeping should be contacted for offices needing to be cleaned in the school of medicine buildings (410-955-3324). For office furniture move requests and / or returning keys, Facilities should be contacted (410-955-3323).
  3. Appointment Status Changes
    As part of the retirement process, you will need to communicate in writing your request to relinquish your faculty appointment and clinical appointment if applicable. Please see provided Sample Resignation Letter.
  4. Transitioning Epic Items (for Clinical Providers)
    If you are a clinical provider, here you will find details on transitioning EPIC InBasket.
  5. Closing of Accounts and Sponsored Awards
    Department administration should be contacted at least 6 months prior to retirement to discuss strategy for closing out nonsponsored discretionary accounts and closing / transitioning of grants and contracts. More information can be found in the Closing Accounts and Awards document.
  6. Closing of Laboratories and Transitioning of Equipment
    Department administration should be contacted at least 6 months prior to retirement to identify the appropriate steps to close/transition a laboratory and transition/discard equipment. More information can be found in the Transitioning Lab and Equipment document.
  7. Badge and Parking Access
    The Badge and Parking office is located in Harvey / Nelson 108. Access to buildings will discontinue on the first day of retirement; therefore, arrangements should be made with department administration to communicate the need for badge access after retirement (if applicable) and assist with reactivation. In addition, faculty should consult the parking office website for information on parking access after retirement. To cancel your parking permit, see the Parking Access Cancellation Form.
  8. Email
    Often, faculty request access to their JHU email after retirement. Please communicate with department administration if email access is desired after retirement. It is advised that departments support email access for JHU SOM retirees for at least 5 years if requested. At which time, retired faculty can make a request to continue email access (at the discretion of the department).
  9. Important Contact Numbers
    The following document contains contact information that may be useful as faculty initiate retirement.