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Faculty educators are pivotal to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s tripartite mission and the strategic priority of being the world’s leader in educating health care professionals. To excel at this arm of the mission, educators require support, skills training, opportunities, and recognition. We, in the Office of Faculty Development, and under the guidance of the Associate Dean for Faculty Educational Development, Dr. Rachel Levine, believe strongly in the key role of Hopkins faculty as educators. We also recognize that our educators represent a diverse group in terms of content expertise (including basic science and clinical), teaching settings, career paths, and motivations.

The OFD is committed to fostering a thriving and engaged community of skilled biomedical educators through faculty development that promotes teaching mastery, educational scholarship, educational program building and leadership.

The OFD strives to partner with entities and resources across the University to assist all educators in reaching their full potential. The OFD is focused on teaching skills and career development programming to promote academic advancement and faculty satisfaction.

Teaching Mastery

Teaching Skills Training

Foundations of Teaching and Learning

This half day course, offered every 4 months is for new and experienced educators who are actively engaged in the JHSOM teaching mission. Topics covered include: the Learning Environment, Small Group Teaching, Feedback and Coaching, Active Lectures and Clinical Teaching

Johns Hopkins Faculty Development Program at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Offers longitudinal programs in Teaching Skills and Curriculum Development.

Johns Hopkins Institute for Excellence in Education Summer Teaching Camp

Two day conference focused on building teaching skills.

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Teaching Accountability Groups (TAGS)

Are you interested in becoming a better teacher? Join a Teaching Accountability Group! TAGs provide a structured format for peer observation of teaching with feedback and coaching.

How does a TAG work?

  1. Join a TAG with a colleague or on your own. Groups may be as small as 2 persons willing to observe one another in their teaching roles and provide each other with feedback and coaching or as large as 10 persons.

  2. Begin with a brief, focused training session in peer observation, feedback, and coaching

  3. Identify a teaching setting that ou would like to be observed in. Meet with your peer observer ahead of time to establish learning goasl Participate in the observtion. Afterward meet with your peer observer for feedback and coaching.

  4. Serve as a peer observer and coach another person in your TAG

  5. Observation and feedback are peer to peer and confidential.

Contact Dr. Rachel Levine for more information or to join a TAG.

Educational Scholarship

Writing Accountability Group (WAG) for Scholarly Educators

Writing Accountability Group (WAG) for scholarly educators. Contact Dr. Rachel Levine if you are interested in organizing a WAG for scholarly educators.

Workshop: Becoming a Scholarly Educator

How to turn your everyday activities into scholarship. This 90 minute workshop provides an overview of different types of educational scholarship and how educators can demonstrate impact and disseminate their work.

Upcoming Session: February 5, 2018 12-2 pm (includes lunch) Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Facilitators Janet Serwint MD, Professor of Pediatrics, JHSOM and Michael Barone MD, Vice President Licensure Programs, National Board of Medicine Examiners

IEE Educational Grants and Research Mentoring Programs

The IEE provides a variety of funding and grant opportunities as well as mentored research support for educators.

Faculty Development and Teaching Skills Consultative Service

The OFD is available to provide expert consultative services for individual academic units in the School of Medicine wishing to provide faculty development programming that meets the unique needs of their teachers and learners.

Request a consultation with Dr. Levine

Promotion for Educators

Promotion at Hopkins: Principles and Processes semi-annual presentations from the APPC and PPC Chairs

Silver Book

Request a consultation with Dr. Levine

Other Institutional Resources

Institute for Excellence in Education

Johns Hopkins University Science of Learning Institute

Johns Hopkins University Center for Educational Resources

Master of Education in the Health Professions