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The Office of Faculty Development seeks faculty feedback from three councils. The two primary councils responsible for advising us on the professional development needs of Johns Hopkins faculty are as follows: the Senior Advisory Council and the Junior Faculty Resource Advisory Council. Additionally, the Faculty Senate and the OFD work closely together.

Senior Advisory Council (SAC)

SAC Charge:

  1. Make recommendations concerning policies, programs, and initiatives to support the development and promotion of faculty in the School of Medicine (SOM), in alignment with the SOM’s strategic plan
  2. Serve as a liaison for faculty development in each respective department/section.

Council Representatives: Senior Faculty
Meetings: 3 times/year
Term Limits: 2 years

Junior Faculty Resource Advisory Council (JRAC)

JRAC Charge:

  1. Identify the support needed from leadership and senior faculty for junior faculty development
  2. Prioritize the faculty development needs of junior faculty members in the School of Medicine (SOM) in alignment with the SOM's strategic plan
  3. Serve as a liaison for faculty development in each respective department/section. 

Council Representatives: Junior Faculty (at rank <4 years)
Meetings: 3 times/year
Term Limits: 2 years

Faculty Senate

In order to provide a mechanism for the Faculty, Fellows and Students of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to participate more effectively in the deliberations and governance of  the Institution, the President of the Johns Hopkins University established THE COUNCIL OF THE MEDICAL SCHOOL. The Council was established in 1970, and its goals, composition, and procedures are set forth below. The first charter amendment was approved by the Medical School Council September 15, 1993, by Dean Johns September 27, 1993, and by President Richardson September 27, 1993.  The Council was renamed the Faculty Senate in 2012. For more information, the minutes, and the departmental representatives, visit the Faculty Senate website

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