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Textbooks and Teaching Resources

JHEBP 4th Edition

Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals 
4th Edition Textbook*

This textbook has proven to be one of the most foundational books on EBP in nursing and healthcare.
Building on the strength of previous versions, the fourth edition is fully revised to include updated content based on more than a decade of the model's use, refinement in real-life settings, and feedback from nurses and other healthcare professionals around the world.

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Teaching Resources

EBP Course Curriculum: 
Lesson plans contain required readings, PowerPoint slides that align with the 4th edition textbook, podcasts, exemplars, and optional assignments.

Facilitator/Instructor Guide:
Intended for use by both university nurse educators and nurses facilitating professional development in health care organizations this guide provides details about incorporating EBP content throughout baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral curricula. The JHEBP Instructor's guide offers suggestions about teaching EBP, leveling the content depending on student knowledge and previous experience with EBP, and includes examples of course objectives, assignments, and grading rubrics. Request your FREE copy today.

JHNEBP 3rd Edition

Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Model and Guidelines
3rd EditionTextbook

Published in 2017 by Sigma Theta Tau International. This fully revised third edition builds on the strength of the first two editions with updated content based on more than a decade of the model’s use and refinement in real-life settings. It is both a textbook and a resource for nurses in education and practice who must implement evidence-based practice.