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About JHHS Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Control Clinical Community

The Office of Epidemiology and Infection Prevention leads efforts across the Johns Hopkins Health System to save lives by eliminating health care-associated infections.

We identify and investigate sources of infections and improve procedures and technologies to prevent future infections. We advise senior leadership on issues related to regulatory requirements and pathogen risk, create and maintain appropriate policies, and develop educational programs for all Johns Hopkins physicians, employees and trainees.

Members of our office are founding faculty of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, promoting a collaborative culture that elevates patient care and reduces preventable harm.

Our Mission

We strive to eliminate health care-associated infections through:

  • Cutting-edge interventions that keep patients and health care workers safe
  • Setting the standard in health care facilities at home and abroad through our evidence-based policies
  • Educating our health care fraternity and our patients on their roles in preventing infections
  • Combating antimicrobial resistance by providing leadership on the proper stewardship of these critical resources
  • Accountable reporting on our progress and showing the financial return on investment of quality
  • Responding to new challenges both locally and around the world
  • Sharing discoveries to improve the quality of care around the world