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Johns Hopkins Hopsital Go-Live Daily Updates

Wednesday, July 10

Important Tip Sheets:

Tuesday, July 9

Physician Direct Line- Starting at 12 p.m. today, physicians will be able to speak directly to an EpiCare staff member to have questions answered quickly. The number is 410-234-3251.

  • Hours of Operation:  7/9-7/11 from 7a.m -7p.m.

Epic Multi-Provider Schedule -- More Broadly Available- We have added the Multi-provider schedule (MPS) to the Clinic Coordinator MOC, Front Desk, and Cadence Clinic Manager security roles. This can be accessed by clicking the Epic button > Scheduling.

  • The MPS will display the schedule by day for a DEP.
  • You cannot check-in, access registration, or access any other scheduling or registration tasks from the MPS. You must continue to use the DAR or patient appointment desk for these functions.

Monday, July 8

Top Project Priorities

  1. Lab issues
  2. Scannin on Encounters (JHCP)
  3. ADT Operational and Interface Investigation and Clean-Up
  4. Epic to OCIS Interface (Oncology)
  5. Controlled Substance Printing (Pharmacy)

Friday, July 5

  • Instructions for accessing Epic remotely
  • Important call times:
    • 9:30am and 4:30pm to the Epicenter (1-888-651-5908, participant code 963811) to update us on how things are. We can escalate things to the build team so these are important calls.
    • 12:30pm – join on a call into the command center at Lancaster street to hear an update on where they are with solving problems as well as hear from the Superusers.

Wednesday, July 4

Things are going well as we enter day 5 of this Epic wave. Below are some updates for today.

  1.  Ask a Red shirted staff member to help you with Epic issues before you call the Epicenter or put in a help desk ticket.  They may not be absolutely sure about local policies so if in doubt, call the Epicenter for clarification.
  2. Remember to tap in and out between providers so that the note will reflect the correct author for your portion of your note
  3. We have added a link on the public workstation web page to the Epic website where the training materials and Tip & Tricks are housed.   
  4. Printed Controlled Prescriptions not clearly tamper proof. We are working with the local Pharmacies to alert them to the new appearance of the controlled substance (narcotic) prescriptions. Please instruct your patients that if their pharmacist is hesitant to accept them, they should be aware that the extremely small print line across the center of the Rx should be clear font stating “this is an original prescription” on the original if read under a magnifying glass but blurry on any copied Rx.
  5.  Medications missing from the Facility Administered Medications (FAM)  list? 54 clinics had their FAM lists re-uploaded last Friday afternoon. Let Meghan Swarthout know at if you need additional medications  listed.
  6. When drawing labs in clinic, must enter date and time collected.
  7. ABNs (Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice) will be turned off next week to decrease annoyance for the providers in this intial phase of go-live.

Tuesday, July 2

The JHOC Epicenter has two phone numbers that do not roll to another phone. If we are on a conference call, we cannot pick up another call. If no one picks up on 5-0392, please call the alternate number, 5-3724. Remember, 4-EPIC can always take your call.

Commonly Asked for Tips & Tricks

  1. Top 10 reasons you can’t close an encounter
  2. Colored flags
  3. Radiology orders
  4. Lab orders
  5. Pending orders
  6. How to route immunization orders from Epic to the hospital pharmacy
  7. How to route clinic administered medication orders to the hospital pharmacy
  8. How to print clinic administrated medication orders from Epic
  9. Partial dictation
  10. SmartLinks
  11. Sharing SmartPhrases

Monday, July 1

Daily Calls: Someone from each clinic should call into these daily calls (1-888-651-5908 – passcode 126735) 

  1.   9:30am conference call - to let us know what your top issues are. We then collect them and report out to the command center at 10 am. This is very important so that we can solve issues that are of the highest impact on safety or productivity.
  2. 12:30pm Super user call is more informative, with reminders on key solutions and another opportunity for you to raise your concerns.
  3. 4:30pm conference call – our JHOC end of day huddle to share information. Participate as you can. We will adjust this call based on needs.  

Friday, June 28

  1. Lab issues
  2. Scanning on Encounters (JHCP)
  3. FAM List
  4. ADT Operational and Interface Investigation and Clean-up
  5. Epic to OCIS interface (Oncology)
  6. Controlled Substance Printing (Pharmacy)

Thursday, June 27

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we made it through day one of a huge transition. Our review of help desk tickets, rounds in the clinics and input from the conference calls revealed mostly local issues that we are helping triage for quick resolution. The excitement and level of commitment to a well done implementation was very noticeable. We commend you for all your efforts.

This will get easier over time. Yes, there will be new things that crop up, Inbasket activities to figure out and all the other things that come with a totally new way of doing our great work but we will get through it – as a team.

Additional Updates

  • Radiology- Scheduling an appointment needs to be initiated by a phone call. For same day walk-ins, the process remains the same- the clinic contacts the specific modality in JHH Radiology.
    • JH Imaging Call Center 410-735-7100
    • JHH Call Center 410-955-4100
    • MSK Scheduling Office 410-502-2831
    • PET Center Scheduling Office 410-955-7226
    • IRC Scheduling Office 410-614-2227
    • Neuro Rad Scheduling Office 410-502-3093
    • Bayview Call Center 410-550-2948
  • Please view the 2 minute Radiology E-learning module that demonstrates how to view/launch radiology images within Epic
  • Labs: To ensure and validate that all ordered labs are performed, please remember to send the printed paper requisitions with the patient.
  • Tracking and ensuring diagnostic imaging, labs, and consult referrals are completed: Please encourage providers to continue to use their current tracking mechanisms for these tests until they are confident with the in basket functionality and test results tracking.
  • LOS Charges- Pro Fee Billing is captured in Epic. Facility Fee charges remain on paper.
  • Tap and Go- Please remind staff they need to tap out of the application.
  • Accessing Epic Remotely (home)
  • Help Desk- If the user is having an issue in Epic, they should first ask a super user for help. If they cannot answer the question, either the super user or the end user should do one of the following:
  1. Call 410-614-EPIC
  2. Within Hyperspace click Epic > Help> Epic Help Desk> Submit a self-service ticket
  3. JH Portal> myJHED> myApps >Epic Help Desk> Submit a self-service ticket
  • When placing a ticket, please include the following: Need patient ID/MRN number
  • Please remember to include a call back number that you can easily be reached for follow up questions. (cell phone or office number)
  1. Screen shots are nice to have
  2. A detailed description will assist in resolving the issue quickly
  3. When the ticket you entered is resolved, you will get an email confirming resolution. Please close the ticket.

Super user calls occur daily at 12:30. Call in number: 1-888-651-5908, passcode: 9435304

Wednesday, June 26

We are on point for the Epic go-live tomorrow. Thank you for all your hard work.

Here is the Super User orientation packet. We will be handing these out to external superusers but wanted each of you to have an electronic copy on hand to easily review and copy links from for key websites.

 For tomorrow, some last minute reminders…

  •  Security: If someone has trouble logging in:
  1. Did they attend all their required training?
  2. Ensure they also completed the assessment.
  3. Check their security access assignment in ARM if you have time, or call the Epicenter and we will check for you.
  • Protocols: If you do not have an approved protocol or practice preference submitted to J. Kubiak,
  1. Do not order anything "per protocol"
  2. Do not use verbal orders unless urgent
  3. Do not phone in Rx refills
  • Daily Schedule of Calls
    • 7:00 Support pool and external Super Users check in to Epicenters for assignments
    • 9:30 am lead SU Epicenter huddle/conference call to gather issues
    • 10:00 am EMR summary debrief with Sharon Svec
    • 12:30pm Super User call
    • 4:30pm debrief – we ask all Administrators and triad members call in or gather in 2140/2150
  • Struggles?: If a provider is struggling, send them to the Epicenter after their clinic and we will see how we can assist prior to their next clinic.
  • Short Cuts: Each workstation – place virtual binder and training portal resource materials on the toolbar with links to trips and tricks, ARM, virtual binder, etc.
  • Log in Early: Test your log-in first thing in the morning.
  • Problems with Epic?
  1. Check in with a Super user in your clinic
  2. Call your Epicenter
  3. Call 410-614-EPIC (3742)
  4. Within Hyperspace, click Epic > Help > Epic Help > Epic Help Desk and submit a self-service ticket, or
  5. Log into > myApps > Epic Help Desk and submit a self-service ticket
  • Problem with hardware or printer: Call the Epicenter to see if a LAN administrator is available; 5-HELP will also assist.

 Tuesday, June 25

  • Tap-n-Go: Make sure everyone tests their tap and go badge functionality
  • Patient Communication: Check out the Patient Communication Toolkit for take-one cards and positive staff communcation. You will see posters in the lobbies on Thursday morning and through the first few days.
  • Laminated Documentation Guides and Color Dot Cards: Tape to the side of all clinical computer monitors. Need more? Call 5-9371 or stop by JHOC 2122.
  • Top 7 General Tips & Tricks: Labs (final document to be distributed), Ordering Radiology, Patient Instructions, Closing an Encounter, Enter & Edit Results, Encounters Involving Residents, Pending Orders
  • Lead Superusers:  The lead RN is typically the Lead Superuser for this roll out. The clinic manager and clinic medical director as well as Physician superusers are also key individuals that should be utilized to keep things running smoothly.
  • Safety: 1) Labs and referrals - make sure pre-epic monitoring and double-check processes are maintained until pools and inbasket functioning is fully reliable. 2) Make sure all MOCs and non-clinic assigned University nurses are also assigned to clinical pools for their divisions.

Please refer to these resources to solve your issues if at all possible: 

Monday, June 24

We have three days to go...the excitement is building! Key issues to focus on today and tomorrow include:

  • Practice! Please encouarge practice time whenever there is a lull in clinic over the next three days.
  • Business Continuity Accountability (BCA): Know who your BCA coordinator is for your clinic, where your BCA computer and printer is, and how to access the BAC computer during downtime with the password. Gather paper forms and store in a central area in case of system downtime.
  • Red Shirts: Pick up your staff super user shirts in JHOC 2122 this week.
  • Tips & Tricks: Walk through your top five workflows specific to your specialties. Find all Tips & Tricks here.
  • Pools: We have done our best to track the appropriate names you have submitted to us into messaging pools. At the very least, the clinic manager and lead nurse/allied health staff triad member for each clinic DEP will be assigned to the pools.