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The Johns Hopkins Hospital - Emergency Medicine

Epic ASAP Team Readies for Aug. 6 ‘Go Live’ for Emergency Departments

The Johns Hopkins Epic ASAP team is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the new electronic patient record system that the Department of Emergency Medicine and Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine will launch Aug. 6 at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Brent Melanson, project manager of the technical team responsible for building the Epic ASAP patient record system, says the team, which just wrapped up the successful launch of Epic at Suburban Hospital, is currently focused on quality assurance reviews, system testing and staff training.

The Johns Hopkins ASAP Team
The Johns Hopkins Epic ASAP Team

“The project has been a real challenge, given the fact that we have back-to-back go-lives and the emergency departments are the only [nonambulatory] clinical departments going live with Epic this year at The Johns Hopkins Hospital,” Melanson says.

“The team has really risen to the challenge and is excited to see it launch,” Melanson notes.

Epic ASAP has been designed to interface with other patient record portals and IT systems at the hospital. Other clinical departments at The Johns Hopkins Hospital will go live with Epic applications in 2016.

Emergency Department health care providers and staff members won’t have to go it alone when Epic launches. Trained support staff will be available 24/7 to help troubleshoot any issues that arise as the clinical staff gets accustomed to using the new system.

Melanson says a support team of approximately 30 people, split into night and day shifts, will run an Epic command center located on Lancaster Street in Baltimore for the launch. Other technical team members will be on hand at a command center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and floor support staff members will be in the departments.

“Once people get comfortable with using Epic, they really see the big benefits it offers for quality documentation within patient records,” says Melanson.

Emergency patients will also see an upside, as they’ll be able to sign up to use the secure MyChart portal to access their patient records.

Johns Hopkins faculty and staff members who have questions or concerns about the Aug. 6 Epic launch can get more information on the Web or by phone.

On the web:

Epic Help Desk: 410-614-EPIC

Epic ASAP Technical Team Members

Standing, left to right: Neesha Patel, lead application coordinator; Vince Collins, application coordinator; Chris Hermani, application coordinator; Neil Hoaglan; application coordinator

Sitting, left to right: Brent Melanson, project manager; Sara Gadomski, instructional designer; Ellen Wuennenberg, consulting project lead

Not pictured: Abenet Haile, application coordinator; Jared Dillenburg, consultant; Teresa Iverson, consultant

 -- Mark Guidera