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Johns Hopkins Medical Record Number (JH MRN) Assignment Change

Now that Epic has gone live across all inpatient applications at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the way medical record numbers (MRNs) are assigned to Johns Hopkins Medicine patients will change. This affects you if your system, application or data extract relies on Johns Hopkins Hospital MRNs for patients who may have only been seen at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Suburban Hospital or Howard County General Hospital. Please note that this change does not affect Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

Currently, all patients are assigned two MRNs: an entity or facility MRN for wherever patients present, and a Johns Hopkins Hospital MRN, even if they are seen at another facility. This was an interim solution put in place to make certain enterprise systems worked during the multiyear rollout of Epic. 

Details and Time Frame
Shortly after July 1, this current dual-assignment process will shut off. Patients who are not seen at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Kennedy Krieger Institute or The Johns Hopkins University will no longer be given a Johns Hopkins Hospital MRN. Instead, every patient will be assigned an enterprise number (E#) through Epic and a local facility MRN. The local facility MRNs will only be assigned for the specific facility where the patient is seen. Systems that are able to use only one medical record number and provide services at multiple Johns Hopkins facilities must switch to using the E# as the primary identifier.

What to Do
If this change affects you, first ask your system or application technical lead to see if he or she is aware of this and has a plan. Once the appropriate changes are made on your end, you will need to complete interface testing to ensure that you’ll be ready in time. If an extension is needed for your switchover, you will need to request and attain approval from leadership.

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