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Test Your Epic Knowledge

Cartoon of man climbing to top of a mountain.

Test Your Epic Knowledge

Think you understand all of Epic’s specialty modules? These applications support patient care, so it is important to become familiar with their names and uses, as the new electronic medical record system begins to roll out in April. Match the following Epic modules to their corresponding department or use.

1. Radiant

A. Cardiology

2. Cadence

B. Ophthalmology

3. Willow

C. Surgical documentation

4. Stork

D. Oncology

5. Cupid

E. Pharmacy


F. Schedule patient appointments

7. Prelude

G. Radiology

8. EpicCare

H. Emergency department

9. Beacon

I. Obstetrics

10. Kaleidoscope

J. Registration

11. OpTime/Anesthesia

K. Ambulatory


Answer key: 1. Radiant - G; 2. Cadence - F; 3. Willow - E; 4. Stork- I; 4. Cupid - A; 6. ASAP - H; 7. Prelude - J; 8. EpicCare - K; 9. Beacon - D; 10. Kaleidoscope - B;  11. OpTime/Anesthesia - C