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View Only Access

For those clinical and support members of your team who are curious about how Epic works, but are not part of the JHH ambulatory rollout please be sure to communicate that “View Only” access can be obtained by anyone with a JHED ID. As a manager, you will need to first give your staff access using the Access Request Manager online form (see below for instructions.)

To look through the module, staff will then need to participate in “View Only” course through the MyLearning module found on Detailed instructions can be found here.

Click here for more details about View Only access. If you have questions, please submit them online.

Epic Security Access Request
Instructions for Using Access Request Manager (ARM)

Use the Access Request Manager (ARM) online form to request access to Epic for “View Only Access”

 Person Search

Enter the person’s name (or JHED ID, if known) in the box under Person Search and click Search.

If the user is found, information about the user will display under the header Selected User Information:

 Selected User Information

 Next, choose Role Type – View Only

Once Role Type is selected, Epic Template which is T_View Only as seen below

 Epic Template

Select Wave, this is required to save the request; and click Update Request to save and submit your request.

Using the ARM link for required training, you can link directly into the LMS as seen below and take the course: