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Congratulatory/Thank You E-mail Examples

As your team goes live with Epic, it’s important to congratulate them on their efforts and celebrate successes along the way. Below are two examples of congratulatory e-mails.

Use these as templates to create notes to send to your staff immediately before and/or after go-live. Please personalize the messages to make them applicable to your clinic, department and team.

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
Subject: A Pre-Epic Thank You from Dr. Steve Kravet

Dear JHCP Community,

It’s hard to believe that after years of planning for Epic, talking about Epic, dreaming about Epic and trouble-shooting for Epic… Tomorrow is the big day!

Let me be the first to say that I am SO PROUD of all of you.

During a recent webinar, I mentioned just how impressed I’ve been with JHCP’s preparation for Epic. As I sat in a conference room during a recent meeting, I had the opportunity to realize and appreciate all of the expertise we had in just one room. It reminded me, as I listened to the incredibly thoughtful conversations that were taking place, that JHCP really is a special organization.

I say it all of the time and I mean it just as much today as ever before: JHCP is the best place in Hopkins to work because we really do have an opportunity to work together as a community to do something special. I understand you all have a tremendous amount of responsibility in your daily workload, but through it all, every one of you has put in the time, hard work and training that is necessary to succeed in this implementation.

Thank you.

It is not surprising to me that JHCP was asked to lead the Epic integration. It has been and will be challenging, but I’ve never been more confident in this organization’s ability to take on these challenges and succeed. And when it succeeds, it will be because of all of your leadership.

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge a few people that have gone above and beyond in preparations, planning and training for Epic. Each person listed below has worked hard to ensure that JHCP is ready for Epic, and for that we are all sincerely grateful (list in no particular order):


I know that this list doesn’t capture the hard work of everyone within the organization – especially those on the front lines. If you would like to recognize someone not included in the list above, please respond to this email and Molly will make sure we add them to a bigger thank you announcement for Friday’s Weekly Update.

Undergoing a major initiative like Epic is no easy task. Sometimes it’s easy to lose perspective on how strong and skilled JHCP is. Please try and keep this in mind as we all hit the ground running tomorrow. And if all else fails, remember that I’ll be right there with you tomorrow during my own clinic hours… and every day after that.

Good work and go get ‘em tomorrow! 

Johns Hopkins Medicine – sent from the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians
Subject: An Epic Achievement

Dear Johns Hopkins Medicine Colleagues,

After nearly two years of intense planning, training and preparation, Johns Hopkins Medicine has taken a giant step toward the creation of a single, integrated health care delivery system. On April 4, the first wave of outpatient practices migrated to Epic, our new electronic medical record system, heralding an institution-wide commitment to exceptional patient care and safety.

Congratulations to everyone at the Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP) practices, the school of medicine clinics at Johns Hopkins at Odenton, and Wilmer at Frederick, Bel Air, Bethesda and Wyman Park on this tremendous achievement. More than 2,900 staff were trained for the first wave alone to bring this much-needed technology to our clinical settings. 

Please thank all of your staff on the front lines for your contribution to a successful launch. Your hard work, dedication and patience—on top of your already-demanding workloads—are truly appreciated.

Many Johns Hopkins Medicine caregivers have already experienced its benefits. As one physician recently commented: “As I do a pre-op consult this afternoon on a patient who has been seen at JHCP, JHH and Bayview in the last six months, it is hugely helpful to only have to go into one system (Epic) to see his past records, instead of EPR Bayview, EPR JHH and Centricity, as in the past.”

Epic will also boost patients’ engagement in their own health care. Using MyChart, the online patient portal for Epic, they’ll have access to much of their medical record, and a secure way to communicate with providers.

Three more ambulatory rollouts are scheduled through mid-August. On May 16, all outpatient clinics at Bayview, Green Spring Station and White Marsh will migrate to Epic. On June 1, Epic goes live for inpatient care at Howard County General Hospital and Sibley Memorial Hospital.

 Again, we’re grateful to all Epic leaders, trainers, new users and countless others for your commitment to the future of health care. For additional information about Epic, including the full rollout schedule, latest updates, and training materials and resources, please visit the Epic website (