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Epic: The Big Picture

Leaping into the future is never easy. Plenty of challenges lie ahead as Johns Hopkins Medicine moves toward a central database for all medical records. As you and your staff face those challenges, remind your team of the big Epic picture, summarized below.

Epic kiosk
  1. Epic is powering Johns Hopkins Medicine’s transformation into a single, integrated health care delivery system.
  2. The system links together all documentation tasks, including scheduling and registration, clinical charting, computerized provider order entry (CPOE), e-prescribing and charge capture.
  3. Epic enhances communication among health care team members and promotes coordinated patient care across disciplines and departments.
  4. Epic cuts down on inefficient paperwork. No more paper encounter forms paper requisitions, paper Rx pads, etc.
  5. MyChart, the online patient portal for Epic, empowers patients to actively engage in their own health and care plan.
  6. Effective use of Epic will uncover data-driven solutions to workflow logjams and safety flaws, while meeting the daunting challenges posed by health care reform.