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Patient FAQs

How do I schedule an appointment?

For an appointment with one our endocrine, diabetes or metabolic disorder specialists, please contact us at 410-955-9270.

How do I find a doctor specializing in my condition?

To find a doctor who specializes in a particular endocrine-related condition, use our searchable Find a Doctor resource to locate the doctor's name, specialties and office phone number. We recommend you first ask your current physician for a referral to the Johns Hopkins doctor you wish to see.

I would like to send my medical question to someone at Johns Hopkins. Who can I send it to?

Due to security and confidentiality issues, we cannot respond to clinical questions. If you have a condition or illness that you would like to discuss with a Johns Hopkins professional, please schedule an appointment or speak with your current physician about getting a referral to a Johns Hopkins doctor.

To schedule an appointment, contact us at 410-955-9270.   

Can I access my medical records online?

Current patients have access to a secure website called Johns Hopkins Medicine MyChart. You may also contact your physician’s office to request an activation code and enrollment instructions. You can also review and pay your bill online