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COVID-19 Impact on our Program

Similar to every other hospital in the country, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered our standard operating procedures in the Emergency Department and institution-wide.

The Johns Hopkins Emergency Department is very residency-focused, and as such, there have been regular communications between ED leadership and the residents to keep our residents informed, to answer questions, and to elicit feedback from residents on the front lines. During the early phases of the pandemic as changes were occurring almost daily, the program leadership maintained transparency by having daily updates and question/answer emails with Dr. Mustapha Saheed, our ED Medical Director, and weekly Zoom check-ins with Dr. Gabe Kelen, Department Chairman and Director of the hospital's center for Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR).

While our workflows have changed in the Emergency Departments, our residents, faculty and staff have been fortunate to practice in safe environments with a secure allotment of PPE. Our main ED at Johns Hopkins has the ability to turn on a negative airflow system allowing large areas for COVID-infected or COVID-suspected patients to be cared for safely. All residents are issued N95 and PAPR hoods which are replaced when needed. Gowns and face shields have been manufactured by Hopkins own engineering teams and are fully stocked and available for all staff.

While some off-service non-ED rotations have been affected by lower volumes (e.g. operative and in-patient procedural rotations), the residency has been working hard to ensure that residents have supplemental experiences or are rescheduled for critical rotations that have been altered by COVID-19. When our residents were pulled off non-ED rotations, they were brought back to the ED to work in their home department. We are confident that our residents are still receiving the same exceptional training that they always have despite the ongoing challenges of COVID-19.

We anticipate that our applicants will have many questions about the institution’s, department’s and residency program’s COVID-19 response and we look forward to answering these questions at your interview day.