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Community Benefits

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is in the process of preparing its JHH Fiscal Year 2017 Community Benefits Report. In order to complete the report and comply with state regulations, all departments are required to submit data no later than September 15, 2017 on their hospital-sponsored programs and activities that benefited the community during Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017). Department-specific information should be submitted on the community benefit reporting website at Please only include community benefit initiatives sponsored by the JHH/JHHS. The website also contains information on the community benefits reporting process.

FY2017 Community Benefit Guidelines and Definitions

Here are a few examples of activities that count towards Community Benefit:

  • Community health education outreach activities – health fairs, screenings, seminars and events

  • Community health services – health promotion/wellness programs, screenings, support groups, self-help programs, free clinics and mobile clinics

  • Health care support services – telephone information services, transport programs for patients and families (including cab vouchers)

  • Donation of medical/office supplies, equipment, meeting room overhead/space for community or nonprofit organizations, provision of parking vouchers for patients/families in need

  • Job shadowing/mentoring

  • Serving on a community committee/board on work time, blood drive (cost of employee time) and costs of organizing events such as walkathons and bike/running races (e.g., March of Dimes, JDRF, Komen Race for the Cure)

To determine whether a program or cost is a community benefit, as opposed to a routine service or marketing initiative, answer the following questions (If one or more of your answers is YES, please submit):

  • Does the activity address an identified community need?

  • Does the activity support an organization’s community-based mission?

  • Is the activity designed to improve health?

  • Does the activity produce a measurable community benefit?

  • Does the activity survive the “laugh” test (meaning it is not of a questionable nature that could jeopardize the credibility of the inventory)?

  • Does an activity require subsidization (meaning it results in a net financial loss after applying grants and other supplemental revenue)?

Please Remember:

  • Do Not include Fringe when reporting Staff Costs. Our reporting team will calculate it for you.

  • Include expenses/costs paid by Grant Funding. Report any Off Setting Restricted Grant revenue separately. 

  • You can now edit and re-submit a previous year’s report for a new fiscal year

  • Service Area Zip Codes need to be reported

  • You can now include multiple cost centers, if applicable

  • Guidelines, page 4 - Hospitals are reminded that the report should be limited to regulated hospital services that are reported on the IRS 990 Schedule H, and should not include unregulated entities.

  • Guidelines, page 18 - Hospitals are reminded that reported Cash and In Kind Contributions are restricted to funds allocated to Community Benefits, as reported on the IRS 990 Schedule H.


If you have questions regarding the FY2017 Community Benefits Report for The Johns Hopkins Hospital, please contact Will Wang or Sherry Fluke by e-mail,, or telephone 443-287-9900. Past reports submitted to the Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) can be obtained at Thank you for your assistance.

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