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Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy Linkage Analysis


Test Information

Test Method

Linkage analysis by PCR of dinucleotide repeats, 4 intragenic and extragenic markers; recombination frequency ranges from 5 to 10% depending on marker.

Analytic Sensitivity

Depends on the informativeness and pedigree structure  of the family. 

Sample Requirements

3-6ml whole blood in EDTA (purple topped) tubes. (see Pediatric or Adult blood sample algorithms for additional information)

We prefer whole blood for all tests.

Turn Around Time

Approximately 2 weeks from the time all necessary samples are received

Fee and CPT Codes

$344 per individual blood sample

83891 x 1; 83900 x 1; 83909 x 1; 83912 x 1

2013 CPT Code:  81479

Special Considerations

Please call the laboratory genetic counselor prior to submitting a family for linkage analysis. On at least one affected individual, we require CPK results, muscle biopsy or dystrophin analysis report and clinical history. CPK results on females seeking information on their carrier status may also be helpful.

INFORMED CONSENT from the patient is required prior to ordering a genetic test. The DNA Diagnostic Lab's consent is located on the second page of the requisition form. There is also a patient brochure, "Things Every Patient Should Know Before Consenting to a Genetic Test", available for download.