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Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity


Featured Videos


Inclusion is in our DNA | Johns Hopkins Founding Letter

Nearly a century and a half ago, Johns Hopkins wrote a letter in which he established his vision and values for the medical center and the principles that would guide the enterprise. Those values continue to provide us with inspiration and direction today.

A Journey in Harmony

Recently, faculty and staff members from Johns Hopkins Rheumatology had the chance to be a part of something very unique. A choir was formed, joining together different backgrounds, religions and roles. Each week, they practiced singing a South African hymn called “Ukuthula”. The individual voices combined to create something special, a beautiful harmony.


Henrietta Lacks | Her Impact and Our Outreach

To honor the life and legacy of Henrietta Lacks, this video highlights her impact on biomedical research and the efforts of Johns Hopkins Medicine to pay homage to her legacy.

SDH 2016 – The Limits of Diversity – Toward a New Paradigm

This highly charged presentation pierces society’s collective, albeit ‘politically correct’ belief that diversity helps us, and provides insight into the inconvenient truths of how diversity has actually failed us. Learn how fear can trap the well-intentioned and challenge the confined boxes that contain perception and feed dangerous behaviors. Experience a moving dialogue from James E. Page, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine, who speaks to us as a corporate change-agent, a black male leader, and a father of an African American son.


On a Mission to Treat Addictions

Watch a video featuring Tom Bond and Denis Antoine, who together oversee the Cornerstone Program, a partnership between Baltimore's Helping Up Mission and a Johns Hopkins clinical addiction treatment program.

#Time for Baltimore: JaSina Wise

JaSina Wise, a project coordinator in the schools of medicine and public health, who leads weekly prayer walks through neighborhoods plagued by crime and poverty.

#Time for Baltimore: Abby Ferretti

Abby Ferretti, art director in the Marketing and Communications Department, who volunteers with Back on My Feet, a nonprofit organization that combats homelessness through running, community support, and help with employment and housing.

#Time for Baltimore: Ede Taylor

Ede Taylor, a project coordinator in the Office of Community Health. A longtime Northeast Baltimore activist, Taylor mobilized dozens of volunteers to build a playground at her neighborhood elementary school.

In Solidarity with the LGBTQ Community

Watch a video of the annual Baltimore Pride Parade in July. More than 300 people from Johns Hopkins marched in the parade, a celebration of the LGBTQ community.

Intensive Attention for High-Needs Patients

Internist Laura Sander explains the aims of the Priority Access Primary Care pilot program.


Improving Transgender Care

Watch a video of Paula Neira’s presentation at the second annual LGBT Pride Lecture.

Ending the Stigma in Organ Donation

Watch the media briefing at which Dorry Segev and others discuss the first HIV-to-HIV liver transplant in the world and the first HIV-to-HIV kidney transplant in the U.S.

New Hope for Restoring Hand Function

Watch a video showing a mind-controlled prosthetic arm, developed by physicians and biomedical engineers at Johns Hopkins, in action.

A Productive Summer for Baltimore Teens

Watch a video, created by Kayla Washington and Jevaugh Anderson, which highlights the time they spent as summer student interns in the university’s Office of Communications through the Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program.