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In-Person Education and Trainings

Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity

  • Collecting Patient Sociodemographic Data- 
    Target audience: All staff who collect patient sociodemographic data
    This presentation covers the intersection between sociodemographic data (race, ethnicity, and language [REaL], sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), preferred name, naming conventions, and dates), cultural competency (including the business case for cultural competency), and health equity.
  • Proud Partner-
    Target audience: Staff
    Provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to be an agent of change to improve the cultural climate for our LGBTQ patients, families, and colleagues.
  • Unconscious Bias-
    Target audience: Anyone who would like to increase their awareness of unconscious bias and strategies to mitigate it
  • Unconscious Bias: How to Navigate Hidden Bias in Faculty Search and Recruitment-
    Target audience: Those participating in faculty search committees

Human Resources Learning and Organizational Development Services

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training Components-  Hopkins Leadership Essentials (formerly HR Essentials)
    Target audience: Newly hired and promoted Directors, Managers and Supervisors (or those not having had L&OD leadership development classes)
  • Leading a Multigenerational Workforce- 
    Target audience: Open to anyone
  • Cohort Program Diversity and Inclusion Training Components Director Program-
    Target audience: Directors and Administrators, Managers of Managers
  • JHM Leadership Development Program-
    Target audience: Vice President, Professor, Associate Professor, Director or Administrator
  • Lead Development Program-
    Target audience: Employees who are (team) leads or who aspire to be in a lead role
  • Management Development Program-
    Target audience: Newly hired and promoted Assistant Directors, Managers and Supervisors (or those not having had L&OD leadership development classes)

Language Services

Organizational Equity (formerly the Office of Workforce Diversity)

Organizational Equity (OE) advises Human Resources, Managers, and Employees across the Johns Hopkins Health System on policies regarding Equal Employment Opportunity, Reasonable Accommodations for individuals with disabilities, Religious Accommodations, and Affirmative Action Plans. Please contact OE at or 410-614-1558 for information about OE’s guidance and related training offerings.

Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

Transgender Education
Target audience: Chaplains
Best practice chaplaincy with people who are transgender requires understanding the religious, social, legal, and health care policy variables that create a unique set of stressors and vulnerabilities as chaplains provide spiritual care to transgender persons in the healthcare setting. While chaplains are generally positioned to support people who are transgender, many are unfamiliar with the deeply troubling role some faith traditions’ religious convictions have played to justify hateful actions, unjust treatment, and health disparities. This workshop describes the development of a curriculum for chaplains, from diverse faith traditions and levels of training, to understand the particular dynamics surrounding a chaplain’s interaction with a transgender person, and practice strategies that respect belief systems of the chaplains while also building rapport and fostering safety with transgender patients.

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