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Letter from James Page Jr.

James Page Jr.

January 2017

To the Johns Hopkins Medicine community:

Diversity and inclusion are integral to the excellence and success of any institution, but they are especially vital for academic medical centers like Johns Hopkins, where the promise of trust and healing is essential to the delivery of an extraordinary experience for each of our patients, employees, volunteers, trainees, suppliers and community members. 

Similar to places of worship, academic medical settings are places of trust. They are places where our communities come to be mended and find healing. With trust, each patient visiting Johns Hopkins Medicine can rest assured that our health care providers will offer the best possible family- and patient-centered care. With trust, our employees, suppliers and trainees can expect to encounter a workplace where respect prevails and individual dignity is valued. With trust, our community members can count on outreach from Johns Hopkins Medicine that is aimed at strengthening families, individuals and neighborhoods.

Broken trust can take generations to restore. This past year, we have seen Johns Hopkins experience challenges and strife in response to tragic events happening across our nation, and together we have worked to address these challenges. In June, after the Orlando nightclub shooting where 49 people were killed, we came together and flew flags at each of our affiliates to show support for our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. In July, faculty members, staff members, students and the community expressed continued concern over race relations after police shootings of black citizens in Minnesota, Louisiana and other states. We hosted meetings with groups to listen to concerns and suggestions for how to help one another develop a deeper understanding of differences and respect for those differences. Through these experiences, we have grown and become more resilient in our resolve. We have come to recognize, understand and appreciate our differences and, in the process, we have strengthened our relationships with each other and positively impacted the quality of patient care.

On behalf of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Diversity and Inclusion, I thank you for your commitment to diversity, inclusion and cultural competence, and challenge each and every one of us to continue to stand behind our promise of respect, dignity and trust for all.

Respectfully yours,

James Page Jr., M.B.A.
Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer
Johns Hopkins Medicine