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A New Center for Hearing Research

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A New Center for Hearing Research

A New Center for Hearing Research

David Rubenstein

Date: 01/25/2017

Over 35 million people are affected by hearing loss, and 15 percent of Americans ages 20 to 69 have high-frequency hearing loss due to noise exposure. Now, thanks to a $15 million gift from philanthropist David Rubenstein to the Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, a new hearing center has been established to focus on restoring hearing loss. Building on existing efforts, the center will integrate patient care and explore novel research approaches to help restore functional hearing in people with congenital and acquired hearing loss.

A key research area for the center will be system-based hearing restoration. Researchers will explore novel approaches to protect and repair the inner ear, and to ensure effective connectivity with the brain. This research will proceed in parallel with clinical care that provides a wealth of patient resources—from care coordination, to patient and family education, to trials of new hearing devices, to enhanced patient access and outreach.

“Scientific breakthroughs that can be translated to benefit those who experience hearing loss are greatly needed, and we are highly motivated to make these advances with the possibilities afforded by this generous gift,” says David Eisele, director of the Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery.