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Weight Management Evaluations

Your doctor may have told you to lose weight, or you yourself may think you need to lose pounds to be healthier. The world of weight loss and nutrition is confusing, and many times patients are not sure what kind of program to follow to find a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

What is a weight management evaluation?

Our weight loss specialists will spend time learning about your past medical history, including your weight, and determining if any medical conditions are causing your extra weight. While few patients fit into this category, it is important to get a clean bill of health before starting any new nutrition and exercise regimen.

In addition, we will assess for any weight-related health conditions that may impact your individualized weight loss plan.

What happens after the evaluation?

Our weight loss specialists will design a program that is right for you and your lifestyle. Many people benefit from multiple, simultaneous strategies to achieve their weight loss goals. We may recommend:

Endoscopic weight loss

We also offer an exciting new option for patients—the Johns Hopkins Concierge Endoscopic Weight Loss Program. This package offers an outpatient endoscopic procedure for short-term weight loss coupled with consultations from dietary, exercise and weight loss specialists.

The goal is to find the right combination of food, exercise and behavioral changes to affect your weight loss. Our doctors individualize each program so they can find the right combination that will work for you.


Some insurance companies will pay for a consultation by our weight management specialists. Sometimes your eligibility is based on your BMI. [Check your BMI.] Please call your insurance company to determine your eligibility for benefits coverage. Or you may want to use your flexible spending account (FSA), which typically covers these kinds of services.