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Pre-Bariatric Surgery Evaluation

Bariatric, or gastric bypass surgery, is a surgical procedure used to reduce the size of the stomach. This helps people lose weight by limiting the amount of food, or calories, they can consume. Many patients have found a lot of success in losing weight using this method; however, like any surgery, bariatric surgery is associated with risks. During our pre-bariatric surgery evaluations at Johns Hopkins, we encourage patients to consider all options before undergoing surgery.

What should I expect during my pre-bariatric surgery evaluation?

First, one of our weight loss specialists will listen carefully to your reasons for undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Then he or she will:

  • Review your medications and weight loss history
  • Discuss the different types of surgeries
  • Counsel you on the risks of surgery
  • Recommend a specific type of surgery that fits with your eating habits
  • Explain the types of dietary restrictions you may have following surgery

Endoscopic weight loss

If you are considering bariatric surgery, you may want to visit the Johns Hopkins Concierge Endscopic Weight Loss Program, a novel approach to weight loss that combines a unique endoscopic procedure combined with an exercise and nutrition package.