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Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG): Christie’s Story

For this social worker, one year equaled 100 pounds of weight loss.

Christie Peck

Story Highlights

  • A young woman weighing 300 pounds needed a change to maintain her busy job and active lifestyle.
  • Christie met with gastroenterologist Vivek Kumbhari, M.D., and had an outpatient procedure called endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty to reduce her weight.
  • Within one year, she had lost 100 pounds.

Christie Peck is full of energy. Her job as a children’s social worker demands it. She spends her workdays counseling troubled families and children, often visiting those families’ homes.

“Obviously, this job can be emotionally demanding,” she says. “But you might not expect how physically demanding it is, too.” At 308 pounds, Peck knew she needed to make a change in her weight to support both her active job and a healthier lifestyle.


Getting a Weight-Loss Jump-Start with ESG

Just before Thanksgiving 2016, Peck had a procedure at The Johns Hopkins Hospital called an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, or ESG, in which gastroenterologist Vivek Kumbhari, M.D., used a suturing device to reduce the size of Peck’s stomach.

“The procedure achieves similar results to gastric surgery,” says Kumbhari. “But instead of surgery, we do the procedure with the endoscope. It’s an outpatient procedure, there are no incisions and the recovery time is two or three days.”

Kumbhari says the procedure can help with conditions such as diabetes, in addition to helping patients lose weight.

“ESG is an outpatient procedure, there are no incisions and the recovery time is two to three days.”

- Vivek Kumbhari, M.D., Johns Hopkins gastroenterologist

Christie Peck before and after
Christie and her niece in November 2016, one week before the ESG procedure, top, and Christie and her dog in February 2017, three months after the procedure, bottom.

Since the procedure, Peck regularly visits the Johns Hopkins Endoscopic Weight Loss Program team to work with nutritionists. She believes that the ESG procedure was just the beginning of her weight-loss journey.

“It jump-started the process for me,” she said. “But the people at the weight-loss center have really helped me keep the momentum.”

Success Requires Commitment

Peck says her weight loss was dramatic in the first few months after the procedure. She reports that, though it has slowed in recent months, she continues to steadily shed pounds. In less than a year, the 30-year-old, 5-foot-5-inch Peck’s weight fell 100 pounds.

She credits the Endoscopic Weight Loss Program team with helping her change her relationship to nutrition. She says she’s eating better, feeling better and is happy to be on the road to better all-around health.

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