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Patients seeking education about nutrition can schedule an individual appointment with Gene Arnold, MS, RD/LD, CDCES. Counseling is available for, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Diabetes (type 1, type 2, MODY, gestational diabetes, post pancreatectomy diabetes)
  • Islet cell transplantation
  • Enteral feeding management
  • Hypoglycemia

We have a wide variety of teaching materials tailored to all levels of education. During an appointment with the dietitian a patient will receive individual counseling and specific guidance with special diets. Our dietitian will:

  • Analyze a usual food intake and suggest changes to improve eating habits.
  • Help patients understand the many complications of diabetes, how to test blood sugars, how to administer insulin, and understand the action and side effects of diabetes medications.
  • Inform the primary care physician regarding the nutritional care plan.
  • Provide a personalized diet instruction plan based on mutually determined goals.
  • Take a diet history and set goals that fit an individual's lifestyle.

In order to help you and your diabetes educator, we have included a food diary for you to print and complete. Please take a day and fill out the form stating specifically what you ate, how it was prepared, what time it was, and how you were feeling. This additional tool will help your dietitian set goals that will better fit your lifestyle.

Download the food diary here. To schedule an appointment to see Gene Arnold, MS, RD/LD, CDCES clinical dietitian specialist, please call 443-927-2749.