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Kim Neally & Nicole Ryan

As Patient Service Coordinators, Kim Neally & Nicole Ryan see every patient who walks through the door to the Diabetes Center.  Whether you come to see an Endocrinologist, Nurse Educator, or Dietitian, our patient service coordinators will be the first people to greet you and help you on your way to treating your diabetes.

The job of ensuring that the Diabetes Center runs smoothly every day leaves Kim & Nicole with many responsibilities.  They will help you through the check in process and make sure the healthcare provider has the necessary background information to see you.  They will also take your vital signs and a point-of-care hemoglobin A1c, if you need one.  When the appointment is over, They will assist you in checking out and scheduling your follow-up visit.

Kim & Nicole are also the people who will assist you on the phone if you call the Diabetes Center and have a question.  They will let you know what information you should bring to the appointment and give you a friendly reminder to remember your glucometer.  That way, our clinical staff can be fully equipped to properly diagnose, treat, and/or prescribe medications. 

To schedule an appointment please call 410-955-9270.  To speak to Kim or Nicole directly, please call 410-955-7139.