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Joseph Napora, Ph.D.

Dr. Joe Napora, Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center Education Classes

Dr. Napora

Dr. Napora has a very important role here at the Diabetes Center.  We believe that the management of diabetes is not only about diet, medication and exercise; it is also about managing the emotional and psychological challenges that can negatively affect the best efforts to control the disease.  Diabetes care is mostly self care, which means that most times you will have to cope with the stress of diabetes and any other sources of distress.  The better you are able to avoid or minimize stress and to solve the various problems that might interfere with effective self care, the better you are likely to control your blood sugar levels.

During his portion of our educational program, Dr. Napora presents a series of powerful stress management and problem solving techniques.  As part of a very inspiring presentation, stories, cartoons and comic strips are used to make important points, a feature that has consistently garnered praise from our patients.  Being able to manage the various stresses and problems that arise with diabetes is vital in controlling the disease and minimizing the risk of complications; this part of the program provides that capability.

In addition to his work at the center, Dr. Napora has presented numerous workshops around the nation on the psychosocial aspects of diabetes, workshops both for people with diabetes and for professional care providers.  He has written several articles and co-wrote three chapters for the Fourth Edition of the "Core Curricula for Diabetes Educators".

If you would like to be a part of the classes taught by Dr. Napora take a look at the Educational Programs offered by clicking Classes.