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Nancyellen Brennan, CRNP, CDE

Nancyellen Brennan, Nurse Practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educator Nancyellen Brennan

A certified diabetes educator can provide valuable assistance for patients who need help controlling and maintaining their diabetes.  Nancy helps her patients understand the many complications of diabetes, how to test blood sugars, and how to administer and adjust their own insulin.

As a family nurse practitioner, Nancy brings 25 years of experience in outpatient care to the Diabetes Center.  Because of her experience and certification in diabetes education, many of the Diabetes Center patients will meet with Nancy individually to discuss their diabetes management plans.  She helps her patients address their own personal lifestyle-based needs, using goal setting and motivational interviewing models.  She also helps teach our educational group classes here at the center.

In addition to education, Nancyellen oversees our satellite education programs, ensuring that they are held to the same high standards that are kept here at the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center.

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