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Comprehensive Diabetes Education- 2 day class

With the Comprehensive Diabetes Education program, participants will learn everything they need to know to take and maintain control of their diabetes. Complete with an opportunity to dine with our nutritionist or nurse practitioner to learn to make the best food choices in any setting, topics covered include:

  • Diabetes game plan management
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • What is HbA1c?
  • Complications
  • Managing sick days
  • Nutrition management
  • Diabetes management and reducing stress with Dr. Joseph Napora, Clinical Social Worker

Participants in the comprehensive two day program have an opportunity to complete an evaluation by the diabetes care team and receive personalized recommendations for achieving and maintaining good glucose control.

Upcoming "Comprehensive Diabetes Education" Classes

2015 Schedule Coming Soon!

Registration Information

To register or find out more about classes and other programs offered, please call the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Diabetes Center at 410-955-7139.

Diabetes education classes are covered by many insurance plans. Contact your insurance company for any pre-authorization requirements.