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Previous Summer Programs

The previous summers involved the following students, their mentors and projects:


  • Keeland M. Williams (From Medical University of South Carolina; Peter Espenshade, Ph.D., mentor): Targeting SCAP/SREBP Pathway as a Potential Therapy for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC).
  • Veronica M. Son (From University of Maryland School of Medicine; Kellie Tamashiro, Ph.D., mentor): The effect of gestational running wheel exercise on the metabolic phenotype of offspring exposed to maternal high fat diet.
  • Sreeja Sanampudi (From University of Kentucky College of Medicine; Joao Lima, M.D., mentor): Volumetry of Aorta: Results from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.
  • Shuvodra Routh (From University of Maryland School of Medicine; Nestoras Mathioudakis, M.D., mentor): Predictive Model For Overt Hypoglycemia Following Borderline Hypoglycemia in Non-Critical Insulin-Treated Hospitalized Patients.
  • Nneamaka C. Ezekwe (From University of Mississippi Medical School; Wendy Bennett, M.D., mentor): Insights from Pregnant and Postpartum Women to Limit Weight Gain in Pregnancy to Reduce Diabetes Risk:A Qualitative Analysis of InDepth Interviews.
  • Danya P. Anouti (From the George Washington University, School of Medicine & Health Sciences; Larry Chesnick, M.D., Mentor): In-Person Clinic-Based versus Smartphone Application-Based Plans for Weight Loss among the Overweight and Obese
  • Juliana Torrens (From Ponce Health Sciences University; Andrew Wolfe, PhD., mentor): The effect of hepatic estrogen receptor alpha (ESR1) in the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism.
  • ChiChi O. Udochi (From Howard University College of Medicine; Sheng Wu, Ph.D., mentor): The Nuclear and cytosolic role of Androgen receptor in regulating insulin signaling and gluconeogenesis in hepatocyte cells of female mice.


  • Keith Bernis (Chaidi Ndumele, M.D., mentor): Characterizing the Association of Obesity with Subtypes of Heart Failure.
  • Evan Chang (Ling He, Ph.D., mentor): Opposing Roles of AMPK and cAMP-PKA Pathways in Regulating Hepatic Glucose Production.
  • Nuval Cherian (Andrew Wolfe, Ph.D., mentor): The Role of Hepatic Kisspeptin and Estrogen Receptor α in Metabolic and Reproductive Function
  • Trinh Chu (Kimberly Gudzune, M.D., mentor): Association of Observed Community Environment and Body Mass Index Among Baltimore Public Housing Residents
  • Zeni Crisp (Jessica Yeh, Ph.D., mentor): IGF-1 and Metabolic Profiles in Adults with and Without Diabetes
  • Ji Sung Jin (G. William Wong, Ph.D., mentor): CTRP9 Expression in Brown and White Adipose Tissues is Regulated by the Sympathetic Activation of β3-adrenoceptors, and CTRP9 KO Mice Maintain a Higher Body Temperature During a Cold Challenge
  • Reshma Kariyil (Ahmed Hassoon, M.D. and Jessica Yeh, Ph.D., mentors): Increased Prevalence of Chronic Low-Back Pain in Adults with Diabetes in the U.S.
  • Priya Patel (Michael Parsons, Ph.D., mentor): Pdx1 Truncation Affects β/δ-cell Plasticity


  • Benjamin Bloom (Ambereen Mehta, M.D., and Kimberly Gudzune, M.D., mentors): Can Website Information Be Used to Identify Guideline-Concordant Weight Loss Programs in the Community?
  • Ronald Magee Jr. (Jessica Yeh, Ph.D., and Edgar "Pete" Miller, M.D., mentors): Gender and Income Level Influence Dietary Habits of African-Americans
  • Christopher Moutos (Jessica Yeh, Ph.D., and Nisa Maruthur, M.D., mentors): Insulin Use and Long-Term Weight Change in U.S. Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Analysis of NHANES 2009–2012
  • Gaurav Pahouja (Sara McMillin, Ph.D., and Fredric Wondisford, M.D., mentors): The Effects of Low Dose Metformin on Hepatic Glucose Production
  • Donique Parris (Coleen Damcott, Ph.D., and Alan Shuldiner, M.D., mentors): Replication of Association of a Loss-of-Function Mutation in HSL with Metabolic Traits in the Amish
  • Vanessa Roos (Andrew Wolfe, Ph.D., mentor): The Role of Hepatic Estrogen Receptor in the Regulation of Glucose Metabolism
  • Ellora Sharma (Emily Knapp; Johnathan C. Jun, M.D., and Jessica Yeh, Ph.D., mentors): Sleep Disturbances and Hyperglycemia in Adults with and Without Type 2 Diabetes
  • Scott Whitlock (Pia Petersen, Ph.D.; Marcus Seldin, Ph.D.; Mardi Byerly, Ph.D.; Andrew Wolfe, Ph.D. and G. William Wong, Ph.D., mentors): Metabolic Conditions Extensively Modulate the mRNA Expression and Circulating Levels of Inflammatory Cytokines


  • Stephanie Chan (Jessica Yeh, Ph.D., mentor): Glycemic Control and Anti-Diabetic Medication Usage in Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in an Inner-City Primary Care Practice
  • Chen Chen Costello (Christopher Romero, M.D., mentor): Characterization of the Metabolic Effects of Growth Hormone in the Somatotroph Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Knockout (SIGFRKO) Mouse
  • Lauren Evans (G. William Wong, Ph.D., mentor): CTRP Metabolic Signaling and Expression in the Brain
  • DeAsia Gilmer (Katherine Beckwith-Fickas, M.D.; Fredric Wondisford, M.D. and Sally Radovick, M.D., mentors): A Look at Hepatic Gene Expression in a Diet-Induced Obesity Mouse Model
  • David Jacobs (Kimberly Gudzune, M.D., mentor): Efficacy and Comparative Effectiveness of Commercial Weight Loss Programs: Preliminary Results from Weight Watchers
  • Varsha Kishore (Nisa Maruthur, M.D., mentor): Diabetes and Incident Parkinson’s Disease: Results from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study
  • Brijesh Patel (Jessica Yeh, Ph.D.; Erin D. Michos, M.D. and Eric Bass, M.D., mentors): All-Cause Mortality According to Troponin Levels in Dialysis Patients Without ACS: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  • Anish Shah (Scott Blackman, M.D., mentor): Genetic Linkage Analysis for Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes