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Clinical and Translational Genomics


Braxton Mitchell Jr., Ph.D., M.P.H.

Genotyping Services

Single SNP genotyping
Array genotyping

Sequencing Services

Targeted DNA sequencing
Targeted RNA sequencing
Targeted methylation sequencing
Whole exome sequencing
Whole genome sequencing
RNA sequencing
Methylation arrays



Amish Database

Access to Amish exome variant database
Support for genotype-phenotype analyses in Amish population

Searches targeted analysis of other genome-wide association study databases, i.e., MAGIC

Basic Molecular Services

DNA isolation/extraction/quantitation
PCR services
RT-quantitative services

Construction and Development of Viral Vectors

BAC clone acquisition
Recombineering services
Adenovirus backbone construct
Adeno-associated backbone construct
Lentivirus construc
Propagation of virus in cell culture system
Purification of virus
High titer virus purification for in vivo (rodent) use

Genetic Epidemiology Services

Data management support for genetic services
Statistical analysis support for genetic studies (e,g,m linkage and genetic association analysis)
Genetic association studies
Power calculation and study design
Bioinformatics support
Support for methylation arrays, RNAseq