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Genome Editing and Mouse Models


Roger Reeves, Ph.D.

Gene Editing Expertise Using CRISPR/CAS9

Advice and expertise in guide RNA design and selection for gene editing based on CRISPR/CAS9
Plasmid constructs for different components of CRISPR/CAS9 methodology
Advice and expertise in generating mouse models using CRISP/CAS9 technology
Gene editing of mouse oocytes

Conventional Transgenic Mouse Generation

Advice and expertise on construct design, insertion of spacers, enhancers and transcript stabilizing elements
Advice in screening transgenic mice (PCR, Southern blot)
Injection of construct into fertilized oocytes and implantation into pseudopregnant females

Conventional Knockout, Knock-In Mouse Generation

Advice and expertise in generating targeting constructs, screening methods/protocols and selection of loxP insertion sites
Culture and handling of ES cells
Advice and expertise in screening positive ES cell clones
Karyotype -ploidy analysis of ES cell clones
Blastocyst injection

Cryopereservation of Sperm, Oocytes and Embryos

In conjunction with services offered by The Jackson Laboratory ( Maintain active colony numbers at the appropriate size without keeping extra mice “on the shelf.” Provide convenient method for sharing or recovering mice from other institutions. Derive pathogen-free strains.