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Research Focus Areas

The Johns Hopkins University - University of Maryland Diabetes Research Center consists of investigators performing diabetes and endocrinology biomedical research funded by federal and private organizations. Their research base is organized into seven focus groups.

Cell Biology and Immunology

Members of this focus group are interested in broad questions related to endocrine cell function.

Diabetic Complications

Members of this focus group are interested in complications classically associated with diabetes — nephropathy, neuropathy and retinopathy — and associated conditions.


Members of this group represent a broad interest in the genetics of diabetes and endocrine conditions.

Intertissue Communication and Hormone Signaling

Members of this focus group are addressing the endocrine, paracrine and neuronal mechanisms that coordinate tissue function, metabolic regulation and body weight. Basic mechanisms studied span from extracellular signaling through gene regulation by extracellular signaling.


Members of this focus group are addressing basic mechanisms of adipocyte function, mechanisms that contribute to the development of obesity and its metabolic consequences.

Clinical and Translational

Members in this focus group have a concentration on translation from the research setting to practice and public health policy.