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COVID-19 Update

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Welcome to our staff appreciation gallery where you can see how we are caring for patients during the coronavirus pandemic. We invite you to visit our Appreciation Board to leave your thoughts and messages.

Lolita Moore speaks about COVID19 implications

“I like that I can still be out helping people during the pandemic.”

Lolita Moore

Annette Jenkins stacking boxes of clinical gloves

“Although we are a small piece of what goes on in the hospital, we are a very important piece.”

Annette Jenkins

Danielle Hirsch talks about impacts of COVID19

“What happens if the parents succumb to this virus? What happens to the kids?”

Danielle Hirsch

Roark Nixon stands next to disinfectant chemicals

“It’s up to us to make sure those rooms are absolutely free of that virus."

Roark Nixon

Miriam Zepeda whisking mixture on a bowl

“I hope that the food I prepare can bring some sort of comfort.”

Miriam Zepeda

Bruce Wright talks about impacts of COVID19

“Everyone’s just willing to do their part. You know, you just got to do what you can to help.”

Bruce Wright

Daliah Halboni wearing PPE

“It’s gratifying to be able to care for people, especially during these nerve-racking times.”

Daliah Halboni

Kimberly Kelly gives tour of COVID19 unit

“The community has been amazing. They held signs outside the hospital and they cheered for us.”

Kimberly Kelly

Chyrstal Brown standing in front of tents

“I am proud to be a nurse leader.”

Chrystal Brown

Dawn Silver wears crown and PPE while holding tray

“Wearing my ‘Happy Birthday’ crown that day seemed to give everyone a lift."

Dawn Silver

Lynne Lightfoote stands in front of hospital

“We’re making sure patients get the care they need and deserve - whatever it takes."

Lynne Lightfoote

Rick Redett talks about redeployment at adult ICU

Redeployed from Pediatric Plastic Surgery to Adult ICU Care

Carpenter talks about work in the hospital

“We’re one big family here and as long as we’re able to stick together, we’ll be able to get through this.”

Shawn Van Horn

Health care worker wearing PPE while working

Honoring All Our Health Care Professionals This Week

collage images of parade for healthcare workers

Community Appreciation Parade for Healthcare Heroes

Nurse wearing personal protective equipment

Nurses: Leading in the Midst of Crisis

Ilana Velasquez talks about wellness support

“Nurses, we have a deep desire to want to help and we feel honored to be on the frontlines at this time.”

Ilana Velasquez

Johns Hopkins nurses

It’s Nurses Week: Thank You to All Our Nurses!

Neesha Patel talks about patients

Getting Ready for COVID-19 Patients at Howard County General Hospital

JH staff answering phone calls

Behind the Scenes at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center Dermatology Department

flyover Dome

U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels in Baltimore Flyover Salute to Healthcare Heroes

flyover hospital

Blue Skies for Flyover Salute to Healthcare Heroes

a collage of people looking at flyover

Cheers and Awe for Flyover Salute to Healthcare Heroes

collection of Johns Hopkins workers during

Maryland Healthcare Heroes Day: We Stand With You

Monty Oppenheim wears mask

“I chose medicine to have a positive impact and to help where needed.”

Monty Oppenheim

JH staff taping floors to mark 6 feet

Marking 6-Feet-Apart Areas for Safe Social Distancing at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Kathleen Bailey speaking

“I’m grateful for my coworkers because we keep each other lifted up.”

Kathleen Bailey

physicians practice social distancing in clinic

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians’ Offices in Action

medical scientist holds a petri dish

“We’re the hidden heroes.”

Marian Akiwumi

Emergency staff stand while wearing PPE

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Ready to Help

medical scientist holds medical lab materials

“I help bring patients some peace.”

Aaron Mahomes

doctor puts on a respirator to a resident

A Resident Dons Equipment at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Marge Rogers wears mask while writing

“There is a whole group of people behind the scenes working to support our front-line staff and patients.”

Marge Rodgers

Amy Penney sits at a desk, wearing a face mask.

"I feel blessed to be part of a group that supports one another."

Amy Penney

Amy Klein

"I’m proud to provide essential care at home for our most vulnerable patients.”

Amy Kilen

Dominick Metzger stands, wearing a mask.

“Keeping people safe is my passion.”

Dominick Metzger

Tina Hoang behind a computer screen.

“There are constant challenges, and we have to think creatively.”

Tina Hoang

Hopkins Hospital staff holding signs.

Johns Hopkins Oncology Center OR

Hopkins Hospital staff wearing protective equpment

Howard County General Hospital Pediatrics

Johns Hopkins staff prepare COVID-19 tests

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Hopkins staff holding a vial

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Test

A security officer wears a mask

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Drive-through COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 Testing

Hopkins staff hold up signs

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Handwritten cards from the community to staff

Letters from the Community

Appreciation Board

We invite you to visit our appreciation board to leave your thoughts and messages.

Office of Well-Being

The health and well-being of our faculty and staff is paramount to facing the challenge of COVID-19. We provide a comprehensive list of support resources to help you cope with the stress of COVID-19.

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