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Common Selectable Genetic Markers and their Selection Agents


Selectable Marker Selection Selection Agent Working Conc.
Neomycin resistance positive G418 sulfate 180-1000 ug/ml
Puromycin  resistance positive Puromycin dihydrochloride 2-6 ug/ml
Hygromycin resistance positive Hygromycin B

150-200 ug/ml

Blasticidin  resistance positive Blasticidin  S HCL 5 ug/ml   
Thimidine kinase negative Gangciclovir 2 uM
Thimidine kinase negative FIAU 200 nM
Diphtheria toxin negative none required N/A
Hypoxanthine (hprt) phosohoribosyltransferase positive 

HAT components:
Hypoxanthine (H)
Aminopterin (A)
Thymidine (T)

100uM (H)
400nM (A)
12 uM (T)

Hypoxanthine (hprt) phosohoribosyltransferase negative 6-Thioguanine 10uM


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