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Message to Our Patients

Dear Patients,

Welcome to the website for the Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP) Specialty Surgeons.

Established as a division of JHCP in 2011, we created a community division for surgery for the Johns Hopkins Health System. Our multi-specialty practice includes:

It has been exciting to create this division for Johns Hopkins Medicine, as our institution evolves from a single academic medical center into a comprehensive health care system. We have been proud to have partnered with the foundation created by JHCP primary care to bring Hopkins surgery to the community.

Over the last three years, we have recruited more than 30 new faculty members to our three hospitals in the Greater Washington Region:

Our mission statement is below.
The JHCP Specialty Surgeons is a multi-specialty surgery group, whose purpose is to provide high quality surgery care to the communities of the Greater Washington Region with an emphasis on efficient use of resources and integration with the Johns Hopkins tripartite mission.

Our mission statement fits in nicely with the strategic plan of Johns Hopkins Medicine, which includes “family centered care, integration, improved performance.”  Ultimately, we hope to grow a foundation for expansion of the tripartite academic mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine - excellent clinical care, research and education - to the Greater Washington Region.

You will note from our diverse surgical staff that we are a multi-disciplinary group, in which all our members have faculty appointments in their respective departments in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  We are happy to bring surgical specialties of Johns Hopkins Medicine to our community.

Feel free to browse our website, and find a surgeon with expertise that you need near your home.