object of System.NullReferenceException
Class Name System.NullReferenceException
Parent Class
object System.SystemException
Class Name System.SystemException
Parent Class
object System.Exception
Class Name System.Exception
Method Return Type
GetBaseException() System.Exception
GetObjectData(System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationInfo, System.Runtime.Serialization.StreamingContext) void
GetType() System.Type
Get_Data() System.Collections.IDictionary
Get_HResult() int
Get_HelpLink() java.lang.String
Get_InnerException() System.Exception
Get_Message() java.lang.String
Get_Source() java.lang.String
Get_StackTrace() java.lang.String
Get_TargetSite() System.Reflection.MethodBase
Set_HResult(int) void
Set_HelpLink(java.lang.String) void
Set_Source(java.lang.String) void
ToString() java.lang.String
Parent Class
object System.Object
Class Name System.Object
Method Return Type
Equals(System.Object) boolean
Equals(System.Object, System.Object) boolean
GetHashCode() int
GetType() System.Type
ReferenceEquals(System.Object, System.Object) boolean
ToString() java.lang.String
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