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About the Community Health Partnership

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Please note that the Johns Hopkins Community Health Partnership (J-CHiP) is no longer accepting patients and has transitioned beyond the award. Johns Hopkins remains committed to leveraging the important work and learnings of J-CHiP across the delivery system through future programs to improve care coordination.

Johns Hopkins Community Health Partnership (J-CHiP) focuses on people who need coordinated health care but often don’t get it, resulting in more illness, more complications and unnecessary hospital stays and emergency room visits.

By concentrating on the needs of adults who most need care, especially those with chronic conditions, substance dependency or mental illness, and adult patients discharged from The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, the Community Health Partnership hopes to help them receive the care they need to improve their health and maintain it.

An Integrated Approach to Health Care

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The Partnership is based on an integrated approach by health care teams that include nurse educators, nurse transition guides, physicians, case managers, clinical pharmacy specialists, health behavior specialists and community health workers, among others.

These teams help patients get the care they need, in the place they need it, whether that’s at home, at a community health center, in a rehabilitation facility or in the hospital. Integrating care also means that each member of the team will have a better understanding of each patient and can personalize the care to his or her needs.

Since the Community Health Partnership began in 2012, more than 71,700 people have been enrolled, and more than 2,000 patients have a community health worker to help coordinate their care.

Johns Hopkins Community Health Partnership 101

J-CHiP is redefining Johns Hopkins’ role in keeping the community well through novel partnerships between caregivers, neighborhood associations and patients.

Connected to the Community

Johns Hopkins Medicine is working to transform health care by making it more patient- and family-centered. The Community Health Partnership forges new bonds with the people of Baltimore and the community organizations that support its neighborhoods. Who is involved in this partnership?

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The Johns Hopkins Community Partnership was supported by Funding Opportunity Number 1C1CMS331053 from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

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