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Best Consulting Physician

The Best Consulting Physician award is presented to the physician providing superior consulting or specialized services.

Howard County General Hospital

Andrew Weiss, M.D.

Andrew Weiss, cardiologist

Andrew Weiss has quickly gained the highest level of respect from his colleagues and the nursing staff. Conscientious, affable and thoughtful, Weiss regularly communicates complicated clinical information to acutely ill patients and family members, and does not shy away from difficult situations. He has the highest level of follow-through for details related to the patient’s clinical situation, and has “outside the box” ideas in patient care.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Alex Rottgers, M.D.

Alex Rottgers, plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Known for providing exceptional patient- and family-centered care in a thoughtful manner, Alex Rottgers is recognized throughout the organization for his surgical and technical expertise, bedside manner, caring demeanor and compassion. From consults for superficial needs — momentous in the lives of children and their families — to significantly complex and traumatic reconstructive needs, he wholeheartedly provides each patient the care one would desire for a family member.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Perry Colvin Jr., M.D.

Perry Colvin Jr., geriatrician;
medical director for peri-operative medicine services

Perry Colvin is a key component of improved outcomes delivered by the orthopaedic department the past five years. A tremendous collaborator and educator of house staff and faculty, he helps to manage patients from before admission throughout their stay in the hospital. He is always gracious and easy to contact at all hours, including when he is not on call.

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

Daniel Fernicola Jr., M.D.

Daniel Fernicola Jr., cardiologist
Office director, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians – Heart Care

As the driving force behind the success of JHCP Heart Care Rockville, Daniel Fernicola is an exemplar of the thoughtful, compassionate, Johns Hopkins consultant who always endeavors to do the right thing. He reaches out to primary care physicians to learn how the referral process may be improved to maximize quality of care, and continuously enhances communications and efficiency for patients and providers.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Daniel Gold, D.O.

Daniel Gold, neurologist

An outstanding clinician who brings clarity when diagnosing and managing patients with dizziness, Daniel Gold is always available to see an add-on patient and willing to help triage challenging cases. He provides that same clinical clarity in research methods, and genuinely desires to improve clinical management and understanding of dizziness disorders.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

Jeremy Marcus, M.D.

Jeremy Marcus, nephrologist

Dr. Marcus is described as the exceptional consultant. He is responsive, thoughtful, practical, professional, knowledgeable, educational and timely. In every case, physicians come away learning something new and knowing that the patient's care has benefited from his involvement.

Suburban Hospital

Shih-Chun Lin, M.D., Ph.D.

Shih-Chun Lin, neurosurgeon
Division chief of Johns Hopkins neurosurgery, National Capital Region

Instrumental in maintaining Suburban Hospital’s Level 2 Trauma Center status, Shih-Chun Lin has been exhaustively committed to neuro–trauma for the hospital. Over the past seven years, he has been the most consistent consultant for neurosurgery and the only one who has steadily upheld the eligibility of the hospital as a Level 2 Trauma Center.

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