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The Johns Hopkins Child Care and Early Learning Center provides a structured curriculum for each age group, which includes The World At Their Fingertips -- a developmentally appropriate curriculum that includes:

  • Language Works© 
  • Well Aware© 
  • Math Counts© 
  • Toward a Better World©
  • Science Rocks© 
  • Caring Matters©
  • Projections©
  • ArtSmart© 


Great Place for Babies©

Our program provides experiences and guidance that support the rapid and important development that occurs in this critical first year. With The World at Their Fingertips, infants have every opportunity to reach their greatest potential in all areas. The infant rooms are "shoeless" environments where very young children can explore their world in a stimulating and safe way. With warm, nurturing caregivers by their sides, and a homelike environment to experience, babies learn, explore, and get the individualized attention they need to help them grow and thrive today and lay the foundation for the exciting stage of toddlerhood ahead.

Growing World of Toddlers©

Toddlers are inquisitive by nature. Striving for independence and insatiably curious, these newly mobile explorers are natural learners, eager for new skills, and on the cusp of major steps forward in their language, physical, social and cognitive development. We recognize the importance of these early years and our Growing World of Toddlers© program is designed to support those big steps.


Children entering the preschool and prekindergarten years are enthusiastic learners, eagerly advancing cognitively and physically and able to take on more challenges. They are also ready for important new steps in building friendships and social skills while developing a stronger sense of self. Just as important, they’re preparing for the big leap from early learning into kindergarten, grade school, and their continuing educational journey. Our READY for SCHOOL© program ensures your child is prepared for this journey.

Development and Evaluation

We recognize that children learn at different rates and in different ways. An important aspect of our curriculum is to continually track each child’s developmental progress with ongoing evaluation and documentation. Our state-of-the-art Bright Learner© system enables us to track your child’s ongoing progress and keep you up to date via daily communications, weekly planning forms, and periodic family conferences. The use of Teaching Strategies GOLD©, the premier tool for online developmental assessment of young children, allows us to share your child’s progress toward developmental checkpoints and provide an online portfolio (to which families are welcome to contribute) that includes anecdotes and photographs.

Additional information about the Bright Horizons Family Solutions curriculum can be accessed at their website: