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Disaster Decision Support

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When disasters and flu outbreaks strike, communities, hospitals, emergency responders, and federal and regional agencies must be prepared to respond to an influx of patients.  The National Center for the Study of Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response (PACER) App Suite was launched to provide tools to help emergency planners reliably forecast how disasters might affect their organizations.  These publicly available applications use systems engineering tools and include:

  • Surge: Simulates strategies to accommodate disaster patients (i.e., create surge capacity) within user-defined medical facilities.
  • EMCAPS: Electronic Mass Casualty and Planning Scenarios software estimates the number and types of casualties resulting from both man-made and natural disaster scenarios.
  • FluCast: Interfaces with Google Flu Trends to provide advanced warning of the expected number of influenza cases allowing medical centers sufficient time to activate measures such as increased staffing.
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