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Gender Affirmation Non-Surgical Services

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The Center for Transgender Health is a multidisciplinary center devoted to providing patients with evidence-based, patient-centered care and access to a variety of services throughout the Johns Hopkins system. By bringing together leaders from each medical field, we aim to provide care for the unique health care needs of the transgender community. Talk to your doctor about which nonsurgical procedures help meet your goals.

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At the Center for Transgender Health, you will receive care from doctors in the Johns Hopkins Department of Urology who have experience in the range of gender-affirming surgeries.

The urology team works closely with the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and other members of our integrated team to provide the most up-to-date gender affirmation procedures and ongoing care. Follow-up visits with urology are available for prostate screening or urological issues.


Our specialists at the Fertility Center coordinate with the Center for Transgender Health to provide services for fertility preservation, reproduction assistance and contraception. It is recommended that you consider speaking to a specialist before undergoing hormone treatment to review how gender-affirming hormone therapy may affect your fertility options.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gyn/Ob specialists provide preventive care throughout your life. This may include routine annual exams/cervical screening for transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals, including the management of benign gynecologic disorders and counseling when appropriate. The department also specializes in care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period for transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals.


Dermatologists at the Center for Transgender Health perform laser hair removal for both aesthetic reasons and as preparation for some surgeries. Our clinicians use laser and electrolysis as two primary methods of hair removal.

During laser hair removal, a dermatologist uses a low-energy beam laser, which results in long-term or permanent hair reduction and removal. Usually, a series of laser hair removal appointments are recommended for best results. Discuss an individualized plan with your dermatologist.

Hormone Treatment

The Center for Transgender Health partners with endocrinologists and primary care providers who work with each patient to prescribe either gender-affirming hormone treatments. Hormone treatments can be part of a pre-surgical plan, or be a stand-alone service, depending on your desired outcomes. Talk to your doctor about the process and any side effects that you can expect.

Voice Therapy

The Center for Transgender Health works with otolaryngologists who specialize in voice therapy, which some transgender individuals find beneficial. Each treatment plan is designed to meet your specific needs, but may include pitch, resonance, inflection, rate of speech, articulation, pragmatics and non-verbal communication.

Sometimes, voice therapy alone is not enough to achieve your desired outcome. In cases like this, vocal cord surgery is an option and is usually done as an outpatient procedure. Talk to your doctor about surgical options to achieve the vocal identity that is right for you. Learn more about gender affirming voice care

Children and Adolescents

The Emerge Gender and Sexuality Clinic for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults offers fully integrated and interdisciplinary expertise and clinical services in pediatrics, adolescent and young adult medicine, endocrinology, nursing, social work, child and adolescent psychiatry, and mental health care designed to improve the health and well-being of gender variant, gender non-conforming and transgender youth and young adults.

Through a collaborative relationship with endocrinology and psychiatry, we work to provide comprehensive services for all youth. Clinical services are available for children, adolescents and young adults 5–25 years old and include education, family and individual support, pubertal blockade, cross-hormonal therapy and mental health support and treatment. The clinic additionally provides referrals for gender affirmation surgery for adolescents and young adults according to the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health guidelines. Learn more about the Emerge Clinic.

Primary Care

The comprehensive services offered through the Center for Transgender Health include connecting transgender patients with primary care providers across Johns Hopkins Medicine who are trans affirming. These providers can manage a patient’s general health care needs as well as specific transgender-health-related needs such as initiating and managing hormone therapy in most cases. Our primary care team members are vital partners in providing holistic care that leverages the resources of our academic medical health care system.

Mental Health

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences partners with the Center for Transgender Health (CTH) to provide mental health services through the expertise of the Sex and Gender Clinic. Assessments for surgical readiness are available. These involve the completion of a comprehensive mental health evaluation, following WPATH guidelines. Other services include recommendations for ongoing care such as support and guidance preoperatively and postoperatively as well as treatment for co-existing mental health conditions. Support and education for families and significant others are further aspects of the team’s services. The aim of the collaboration between CTH and Psychiatry is to maximize the health, well-being and quality of life of transgender and gender-diverse individuals.

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