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  • Yes! The JHCTH remains open and committed to providing comprehensive transgender healthcare. If you are seeking gender affirming services, please contact us at our toll-free number, 844-546-5645, to speak with an Access agent to help connect you with one of our providers and discuss next steps.

  • Your intake with the Center for Transgender Health is still scheduled; we are committed to offering the very best in care.  We are still offering consults and surgeries for hysterectomies, orchiectomies, and top surgery, and hope to soon re-start other gender affirming surgeries as well.

  • After your intake is completed, we will reach out with next steps. We have some general information below.

  • We are reaching out to everyone scheduled and offering to add them to a wait list. Once we have hired a new surgeon experienced in gender surgery, we will reach out to schedule a consult.

  • We are reaching out to everyone scheduled for surgery through October 15 and confirming their surgery date. Dr. Coon will be here through October to follow-up with care.

    Patients scheduled for/anticipating phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, and facial gender surgery in or after November 2021 will be added to a list – in order of surgery date – and will be contacted once a surgeon is brought on for the Center for Transgender Health. In the meantime, we have a qualified surgeon completing top surgeries.

  • We understand this is a difficult situation. For patients that have started a staged surgical procedure, including phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, and facial gender surgery, Dr. Coon is coordinating care with his colleagues at Johns Hopkins to establish continuity of care. Once a new surgeon is hired, consultations will be scheduled so that surgical plans can be discussed between you and the surgical team.

  • The Center for Transgender Health has a highly qualified multi-disciplinary team dedicated to your post-operative success. Our clinical and surgical teams are available for you if you have any questions or concerns that arise. Dr. Coon will be with the Center through October, and is coordinating care with his colleagues so everyone is supported through this transition period.

  • If you prefer to transfer care outside of Johns Hopkins and would like to transfer your medical records, you will need to submit an Authorization for the release of Health Information to the Medial Records Office. A form is available online by visiting, scrolling down to click on Patient and Visitor Services, and then scrolling down to the Quick Links section to click on Medical Records. You may also call the medical records office at 410-955-6044 or 410-955-6043.

  • We are at the beginning of the search for a surgeon with experience in performing the range of gender-affirming surgery. The candidate search and subsequent medical credentialing and onboarding will be part of the process and can take several months. An exact timeframe cannot be stated yet. We will provide updated status information on our website as it becomes available.


Consult RequestedThings NeededNext Step

2 mental health letters, 12 months hormone therapy

Schedule consult with Dr. Martin

Orchiectomy2 mental health letters, 12 months hormone therapySchedule consult with Dr. Burnett
Top surgery1 mental health letterSchedule consult with fellow, Dr. Steven Ovadia
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