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Cardiovascular Specialists


We are proud to congratulate two of our providers for receiving Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Awards for Physicians and Care Teams. Cardiologist Eric Schwartz, M.D., was named 2018 Physician of the Year for Howard County General Hospital and the 2018 Best Consulting Physician award was presented to cardiologist Andrew Weiss, M.D.

Cardiovascular Specialists of Central Maryland

Dr. Andrew Farb

Andrew Farb, MD, FACC

Clinical Cardiology

Keith Friedman

Keith Friedman, MD, FACC

Clinical Cardiology

Maria Gregory

Maria E. Gregory, PA-C

Clinical Cardiology

Dr. George Groman

George S. Groman, MD, FACC

Clinical Cardiology

Dr. Daniel Kim

Daniel A. Kim, MD

Clinical Cardiology

Dr. Adrian Le Preston

Adrian Le Preston, MD, FACC

Clinical Cardiology

Dr. Eric Schwartz

Eric A. Schwartz, MD, FACC

Clinical Cardiology

Dr. Michael Silverman
Dr. Andrew J. Weiss

Andrew J. Weiss, MD

Clinical Cardiology